In One Clip, A Princeton Professor Sums Up What’s Wrong With Trump

Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. is fed up and dismayed with the current state of affairs in American politics. On Tuesday, after a day of more turmoil, corruption, and ridiculousness, Glaude was fed up and went off about the seemingly unending problems surrounding the Trump White House.

Erick Fernandez on Twitter

Stop what you’re doing and watch Princeton Professor @esglaude absolutely go off on the immorality and corruption of Trump and about living “in a country that is in decline.”

“I’m just thinking about all the people around the country catching hell, trying to make ends meet, trying to pay their light bill, trying to keep food on the table, pay rent. And having to navigate and negotiate this stuff, this nonsense. I mean, just think about it. The President of the United State, a judge just said yes to a $25 million fraud suit, Trump University; emoluments, Michael Cohen his lawyer, obstruction, collusion and then you combine that with incompetence. With someone that you don’t think has a moral center, whose narcissism is so unbounded that he will make the decision with regards to Syria, he will make the decision with regards to North Korea. And so I’m thinking about hard-working everyday people, whether you’re white, black, brown, purple or yellow, having to live in, perhaps, a country that is, wow, in decline. And the face of that declension is a B-list reality actor.”

Yup, that about sums up where we’re at.

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