“I’m Sorry But What Basketball Player Listens To Him” | J.R. Smith Keeps It Real On Players Not Knowing Howard Stern

Former NBA player J.R. Smith has thoughts about why current hoopers don’t acknowledge Howard Stern when they play at Madison Square Garden. The shock jock recently lamented how he sits courtside with other celebrities but gets no love.

“I’m sorry but what basketball player listens to him lol I don’t think I’ve met one! Black or not!”

Smith was quote-tweeted a response to media personality Taylor Rooks’ tweet about who Stern in is.

“Howard Stern is one of the most talented interviewers of all time. With that being said, this is a ridiculous stance many of them simply have no idea who he is,” Rooks tweeted. “And people not knowing you isn’t an insult.”

Sounds Like Privilege

Stern’s lament over not receiving love from NBA players reeks of privilege. Who cares if NBA players don’t say hello to you?

“I’ll be sitting next to Tracy Morgan or Chris Rock,” said Stern. “You know, they seat you where they seat you. And a lot of times when I’m there, I’m next to Tracy Morgan, who is so funny. And he’s sitting there and like, a couple of the players will come over. They like give him that bro shake and stuff. And I’m like — these guys should hug me too. I mean, what am I? I grew up in a Black neighborhood, you know what I mean? I mean they should know that. But I get ignored.”

Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan, the celebrities that Stern says the players do talk to, are known far and wide among Black people. Stern’s shtick and radio show appealed to a different audience. One these players likely don’t have much in common with.

Stern did say he doesn’t think race plays a factor in the players not saying hello.

“No, not that I saw. I want them to. I want them to talk to me. I want them to come up and go, ‘Hey, Howard, fan of the show or something.’ I don’t get that,” he said. “And you know who comes up to me sometimes — the referees. White guys and Black guys, they’ll come up to me, White referees and Black. Like, ‘Hey Howard, hey.’ But yeah, a lot of the White referees. So I’m like, oh, is everything racial now? Can I get a shoutout from some of the players?”

No, apparently you can’t get a shoutout and it shouldn’t matter. These players don’t owe you anything.

The iPhone Generation Doesn’t Know Howard Stern

Stern was at his most popular between 1986-2005, his tenure on terrestrial radio. Yes, he received and continues to receive hundreds of million in salary from satellite radio. But he is less relevant.

These players today are of the iPhone and social media generation. A personality like Stern doesn’t resonate.

Stern is 69 years old and a multimillionaire. Enjoy your money and your courtside seats at New York Knicks games. There won’t be too many games left this season, as the Knicks are on the brink of playoff elimination. He doesn’t need players to say hello to him too.

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