“I’m Snitching” | ESPN NBA Analyst Richard Jefferson Says Baseball Players Are The Most Unfaithful Athletes In Sports

ESPN NBA analyst Richard Jefferson has become one of the mainstays as it pertains to NBA coverage on the network.

Jefferson is also one of the more opinionated analysts on the network as well. During a recent appearance on the “Broadcast Boys Show” podcast, Jefferson was asked how NBA players are able to keep their personal business out of the tabloids. 

By personal business, the show’s host meant their infidelities or cheating ways. It didn’t take Jefferson long to give an answer. RJ did his best to take up for his fellow hardwood brethren while throwing MLB players under the proverbial bus. 

RJ Says He’s Snitching

In response to the question, Jefferson was pretty blunt with his answer, and while he laughed a bit, he seemed pretty certain that he was telling the truth.

“Basketball players aren’t the worst in sports,” Jefferson said. “Baseball players are by far the worst of all professional athletes. Like in the NBA, you’ll play four games in five games. Baseball is different.

“Like when people ask me about professional athletes, I’m like, ‘Yo, there’s levels to this.’ Like, football players are only on the road eight weeks a year and they stay at the team hotel.”

Less opportunity. 

“Basketball players, we play so many games. Baseball players, man, they’ve been flying under the radar for way too long and I know way too much. I’m snitching.”

How Jefferson came to this conclusion isn’t known but being a former athlete himself who’s now on television daily, it’s quite possible that he hears things of these sorts. Or maybe he’s just trying to throw that scent — which has long been associated with NBA stars — off his fellow hoopers and onto another group of athletes from a less talked about sport when it comes to gossip and exposing infidelity.

Jefferson Gets Promotion At ESPN 

Jefferson joined the broadcasting ranks as a member of the YES Network and ESPN. He’s since been elevated to an analyst position on “NBA Today.” Last week, Jefferson, along with Ryan Ruocco and former NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick were promoted to the network’s “B” team of announcers. 

They follow the new “A” team which consists of Mike Breen, Doris Burke and Doc Rivers. Burke and Rivers replace former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy and former coach and player Mark Jackson.  

Baseball players in homes all across America are probably under pressure because of Jefferson’s bold revelation. He really went there.

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