‘I’m A Big Fan’ | Michael Vick Says Tua Tagovailoa Throws Very Catchable Ball, But Vick Isn’t Ready To Call Him The Most Accurate QB In The NFL

Ever since he was traded to the Miami Dolphins, Tyreek Hill has called Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa the most accurate passer in the NFL.

While Tagovailoa is definitely one of the more accurate passers in today’s game, former NFL quarterback Michael Vick isn’t ready to anoint him as the most accurate.

During a recent appearance on Hill’s “It Needed To Be Said” podcast on YouTube, Vick, who was known for his pretty spiral when he threw the football, had this to say. 

“I’m a big fan. … I ain’t gonna say the most accurate but I’m just saying I like his ball, he throws a catchable ball, he throws a very catchable ball,” Vick said. “If you watched what he did in college… every ball was on the money, soft, right where the receiver was in stride. 

Vick Thinks Tua Should Bulk Up

From pictures seen throughout the offseason, Tua has bulked up pretty good. In 2022, Tagovailoa completed nearly 65 percent of his passes, which was good enough for 19th in the league. But he did lead the league in yards per attempt (8.9), yards per competition (13.7), and passer rating (105.5.) 

On the downside, he also suffered two legitimate concussions, and a possible third which the Dolphins have vehemently denied, and many have suggested he retire from football as one was so bad, he was knocked out cold on the hard turf in Cincinnati. 

“I just think he’s got to bulk up a little bit, get a little bigger, get stronger,” Vick said. 

“You know as you grow into your man body, that’s what needs to happen, ain’t nothing wrong with picking up another 10 or 15 pounds. … I mean, that’s those things that you’ve got to learn as you go through this process of playing quarterback, it ain’t easy. Now, don’t get hit, that’s the big thing, don’t get knocked around,” he added.

Dolphins Have SB Roster That Depends On Tua’s Health

The Fins have assembled a roster they experts believe is ready to make a run at the Super Bowl, a place the Dolphins haven’t been since Dan Marino’s rookie season of 1984. If that actually comes to fruition, it will depend heavily on how Tagovailoa’s body holds up throughout the rigors of a 17-game NFL season. 

If he can stay healthy, with the plethora of talent the Dolphins have, they could definitely end up in Vegas. 

Since being drafted fifth overall in the 2019 NFL draft, Tua is 21-13 as a starter, which is a great record. But that also shows his lack of durability, having missed 16 games.  

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