‘I’m 55 Years Old, Never Been Married And Happy About It’ | Stephen A. Smith Says Tying The Knot May Not Be A Shrewd Financial Move After Seeing Kevin Costner’s Monthly Child Support Payment 

Stephen A. Smith is the face of ESPN, and with that comes a hefty $10 million per year salary.

But, even with that type of bag in tow, Smith, a father of two, seems to have no desire to walk down the aisle. Smith, who’s always speaking up on behalf of men, has done a pretty good job of keeping his personal life private. 

During a recent episode of his hit podcast, “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” the loquacious Smith decided to rant a bit. His tirade stemmed from hearing movie star Kevin Costner’s wife will receive $60K a month in child support as part of the couple’s divorce.

That’s actually $100K less than her original request of $160K per month. But, Smith still thinks the judicial system has long been screwing men over. 

Smith Ain’t Feeling Marriage

“So I’m 55-years-old and I’ve never been married and I’m happy about it. … I am not upset about being single. Jeezy has filed for divorce from after two years of marriage, former friends are saying she was after his money. 

“If Kevin Costner’s monthly child support enables children to maintain the quality of life he once provided why should he have to pay extra so the wife that he’s no longer with gets to maintain her quality of life? Y’all ain’t together.”

Smith is speaking some real stuff, but that’s not how it works, especially when Costner has a net worth of $320 million. 

Smith Has Made Headlines Pretty Often As Of Late

In July, Smith, whose personal life has never been in the media, was seen in Barbados with a mystery woman. While Smith never revealed who the woman was, he could be seen getting pretty cozy and comfortable with her on the beach. 

There were also rumors Smith and “First Take” co-host Molly Qerim being romantically involved, but it never grew legs. 

Last month Smith was actually singing a different tune when asked how he felt about marriage. Here’s what he told folks:

“Now contrary to what you may believe, although I’m 55, and a father of two. I’ve never been married,” Smith said. “I am not against marriage at all. In fact, I hope to married some day. I hope to walk down that aisle.”

Look how quickly Smith changed his tune when he was how much money the aforementioned “Bodyguard” co-star is now coughing up monthly following his divorce. 

In actuality, Costner got off pretty good considering his huge net worth of over $300 million. He may not be the best example of what Smith is trying to portray. 

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