“I’ll Retire When I’m Not A 1000-Yard Receiver” | Free Agent DeAndre Hopkins Believes He Has More All-Pro Years Left

Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is still a free agent after not accepting offers from the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans.

While he’s still reportedly in contact with both teams, it’s not likely that he will sign with them unless he gets no other offers. The holdup has many believing Hopkins wants to play for a team that he can win a championship with while still making good money.

He’d be welcome in New England or Tennessee, but the likelihood of winning a championship isn’t very high for these franchises right now.

DeAndre Hopkins Says He’s Still A Top WR

But Hopkins isn’t letting any of that discourage his belief that he’s still a top receiving threat in the league. This week D-Hop took to social media to let it be known he’s still got plenty left in the tank and when he doesn’t he’ll hang up the cleats.

“I’ll retire from football when I’m not a 1K-yard receiver,” Hopkins said on Threads. “With that said I was on pace for 1,400 yards last year — one significant injury in 11 years. I might be playing til I’m 37 the way I feel.”

Hopkins Has Been Productive And Is Still Only 31

At 31, Hopkins is far from washed. With the ability to still separate at the top of his routes and beat man coverage, he can help any team in the league. We’re talking about a guy that has produced six 1000-yard seasons in his career despite playing with some pretty pedestrian quarterbacks

Last Two Seasons Have Been A Challenge For Hopkins

The last two seasons have been tough on Hopkins having missed 15 games over the last two seasons due to injuries and a PED suspension, but a healthy and motivated D-Hop seems primed for a big season in 2023. 

Where that will be remains to be seen. 

Hopkins’ Preference Is To Play For Chiefs, Bills, Browns 

Ever since he was released on May 26, three teams with proven starting QBs have been talked about at length: The Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes, Buffalo Bills (Josh Allen) and Cleveland Browns (Deshaun Watson). Watson is a close friend of Hopkins and that connection seems like a no-brainer for a team that could use some Hall of Fame production from the receiver slot.  

But in order for that to happen, those teams must once again show interest, or Hopkins has to be willing to play for less, and in return he’ll get the chance to win. 

This story is fluid until he decides where he’s going to play the 2023 season, and with training camp around the corner expect a decision very soon. 

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