If The Rock Were A Dog He’d Want To Be Megan Thee Stallion’s Dog; Her Rapper Boyfriend Comes For Johnson’s Wife In Return

Megan Thee Stallion’s love for dogs is legendary, and wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson needed to let the world know that he wanted to become one of her pets in his fantasy.

Over the weekend, The Rock shared on social media an interview he recently did with Kevin Hart, co-star of the new animated movie “DC League of Super-Pets.” The actors were asked what celebrity they would want to be owned by if they were a furry friend. The Rock had his response cued up immediately.


“Megan Thee Stallion,” Johnson proclaimed. However, when pressed on the reason he chose the “WAP” rapper, he left a cryptic “well, we don’t have to talk about that.”

Of course, the internet talked a lot about it.

Thee Stallion has six dogs and a Snapchat reality show that explores the dogs’ lives, which are all named for numbers. Her three French bulldogs, aka Frenchies, are named Oneita, Dos, and the infamous 4oe. She also has a pit bull named 5ive, a merle dog named Six, and lastly, a cane corso named X, the Roman numeral for ten.

“I know the relationships I have with my babies, so it was just fun to watch the dynamic between my friends and their pets. It’s just a special relationship that we have with our babies, and you can feel it in each episode,” Megan said to Billboard. “She adds that she has “to make sure 4oe doesn’t turn into a little diva and get too big on me.”

One interested party heard about The Rock’s statements and felt some type of way, rapper Pardison Fontaine, her boyfriend. He felt the need to let Johnson know Megan and their dogs are in a no-fly zone.

“All our dogs named after #s. Just teach your wife to use seasoning … You’ll be iiight … Moana is the shit tho,” Fontaine said in a since-deleted tweet.

The Rock is married to Lauren Hashian, a white singer, songwriter, and music producer. The two have been together for almost 15 years after first meeting in 2006 when Johnson was filming a comedic movie, “The Game Plan.” They began dating a year after meeting.

Fontaine did Hashian dirty, referencing “seasoning,” which is a direct assault on her lack of a melanated culinary aesthetic. Pardi must have known his comment was culturally insensitive.

“Of all the things to be worried about y’all think I’m mad at the Rock ,” Pardi posted on Twitter on Monday. “The comment started all our dogs #s and ended with Moana is my sh*t .. I deleted it (yesterday).. cus it seem like ppl took it wrong .. thought maybe my joke was in poor taste.”

Sensitive much, Pardi? Although, he Rock tread into the territory of another man’s relationship, all is fair in entertainment, especially when promoting a potential blockbuster movie. However, The Rock might have shown more of his cards than the rapper was comfortable with, but that’s life with a female hip-hop superstar.

Shout—out to “”Moana.”

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