If Steph Curry’s Mouthpiece Hit Me…

Steph Curry had to deal with something he hasn’t had to deal with very much this season, losing.  Not only was he losing a Game 6 that would have given him his second NBA championship in as many years, but LeBron James was literally allowed to run him over on two occasions, both of which resulted in fouls being called against the considerably smaller, lighter Curry.

After the last of several questionable calls against him, Steph exploded in rather uncharacteristic fashion and slung his mouthpiece into rich folks row along the courtside of Quicken Loans Arena after fouling out, and was ejected for his actions  

In our litigious society it has become the norm for individuals who claim injury due to the actions of others to file frivolous charges and these claims have become commonplace and increasingly comical. Especially when the person alleged to have done the injuring is a millionaire.  

Lucky for Steph, it struck Andrew Forbes, the son of Cavs minority owner Nate Forbes.  But had that mouthpiece hit my broke behind?

Sheeeeit…had it been me…. 

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And last but certainly not least…

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