Idiots Gone Wild: The Mayweather vs TI Fight

Our love hate with their ability to break news using drama-filled videos continues as TMZ has again gotten crazy footage. This time it features a fight ignited by Floyd Mayweather and TI. According to the site, Sunday morning, TI approached Mayweather’s Fatburger table in Las Vegas to swing a punch over what appears to be a fight over TI's wife, Tiny. Mayweather yelled at TI to “Control your b*tch.” Tempers flared. Chairs flew. A Fatburger employee was slashed during the brawl. And millionaires from the hood with anger management issues – Mayweather is legendary in this field, while TI was just in a fight with The Game a month ago – showed the world the result of restless natives who can be taken out of the hood, but the hood obviously cannot be taken out of them.

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