Iconic Rap Group De La Soul Stars in New Teen Titan Go! Cartoon (As Themselves)

De La Soul has always been one of the more animated groups from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. Clearly distinguishing themselves brilliantly, they set the tone with their Native Tongues movement for rap artists to embrace fun.

Nothing is more fun to a kid from the hood than cartoons on Saturday. Now … debuting on the Cartoon Network on Teen Titans Go! … is a whole episode where the DC superhero squad connects with Pos Dnous, Trugoy, Maseo for a wonderfully Hip-Hop colored adventure.

Nothing is more appealing to an adult who grew up as a product of Hip-Hop’s 90s than the underrated legends getting their just due, being recognized by — and incorporated into —  Gen Z-driven content.

 De La Soul is not the only rap act to get this iconic treatment, Cee Lo Green was also in an earlier episode.

 But let’s geek out to the “Stakes is High” trio as posted on their Instagram.

The group’s episode had them working to stop an alien monster out here biting their style and stealing their music. (SO HIP-HOP!) Blerds all around freaked out when they noticed that the group had a “sonic cannon” that was fueled by their lyrics, blasting out as a superpower.

 It gets no better than seeing the Titans lose their minds when they see the “De,” the “La,” and the “Soul.” Or when Vincent Mason aka Pacemaster Mase aka Mase Plug 3 fights the monster with two records tossed out like karate stars!

De La Soul (Posdnuos, Trugoy and Maseo) is one of the more underrated rap groups of all time. Despite their affiliation with the Natives Tongues, which included legendary rappers such as Queen Latifah and ATCQ, the Strong Island trio doesn’t get the adulation it deserves for being one of the most original, talented, multi-faceted and thought-provoking groups in the history of hip-hop.

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The group’s contributions to the evolution of alternative hip hop genres — creating an entire movement through dope sampling, banging beats and crazy abstract wordplay straight from the Black suburbs of Amityville, Long Island — is undeniable.

Though the light of their immediate celebrity has dimmed, the power of their words still illuminates, educates and energizes the masses. Hip-Hop needs mouthpieces of all ages and eras to come together and express the pain, plight, and position of the people to create a positive purpose for the population.

De La had been on the low for a while, but 2020 ushered in a crucial and transformative moment in American history which inspired the group’s return with an Anti-Trump Anthem called “Remove 45”

De La recruits Styles P, Talib Kweli, Chuck D and more for the election season anthem. Appearing in the cartoon, was further affirmation of how they have transcended rap, stayed relevant and secured their permanent place in American culture.

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