“I Would Like To Correct An Erroneous Report” | NFL Coaching Candidate Jim Caldwell Answering The Call, But Somebody Lied!

Former all-around NFL coach Jim Caldwell’s name has been in the coaching matrix for some potential opportunities recently.

As many teams have “gone fishing” during their offseason as their postseason dreams have been unfulfilled, multiple NFL teams have been on the hunt for a new head coach.

Jim Caldwell Is Perfect Choice To Clean Up Mess In Jacksonville | Would Bring Experience, Stability, Leadership To Jags Organization

Calling Jim Caldwell

Although Caldwell, the former head coach for both the Indianapolis Colts and the Detroit Lions, hasn’t coached since 2019, reports are that he was sought-after to interview for some head coaching positions.

According to reports, Caldwell has already interviewed with two NFL teams in dire need of season leadership.  Caldwell interviewed with the Jacksonville Jaguars, who dispatched their failing head coach Urban Meyer, and the Chicago Bears.

However, many more are potentially lining up to talk with Caldwell.

Offseason Shake-Up

According to reports, the Las Vegas Raiders and the Minnesota Vikings reached out to Caldwell for head coaching interviews However, this week it was reported that Caldwell gave both organizations the cold shoulder, turning down their requests for an interview.

An ESPN a report by Dan Graziano stated that Caldwell was not interested in the Vikings head coaching position or the same job with the Las Vegas Raiders.

However, Caldwell sought to clarify that and said those reports were inaccurate over the weekend.

“I would like to correct an erroneous report that I turned down opportunities to interview for the head coaching job with Minnesota and Las Vegas,” Caldwell wrote. “Those reports are not true. I have profound respect for both organizations and for the Wilf and Davis families and I did not decline any opportunity to interview with them.”

Somebody Lied 

This is the kind of slander that Black coaching candidates must deal with. Who knows why the reporter printed something that was obviously a lie.

The sad part is no one really cares that he did it or how it affects the perception other prospective teams have about Caldwell’s state of mind.

Teams In Need

The Raiders went through a massive shakeup with the revelations of former head coach Jon Gruden’s email scandal, which led to his subsequent resignation.

The Chicago Bears reportedly have three head coach finalists in Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus and Caldwell. According to reports, the team also has the first interview with Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen on Tuesday. The team is still gearing up for a round of second interviews.

The Bears are also searching for a new general manager as the finalists are gearing up for their second interviews this week.

The Caldwell Way

Jim Caldwell was a football coach NFL from 2001 to 2019, finishing his career as the assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Over his eighteen years of coaching, his teams compiled a cumulative win/loss record of 179-109-0. He was a head coach for seven seasons during his career, first with the Indianapolis Colts, leading the Colts for three seasons, compiling a record of 26-22-0.

‘Why Doesn’t Jim Caldwell Have A Job In The NFL? Why Can’t Eric Bieniemy Get Hired?’| ESPN Get Up Crew Trashes Urban Meyer

His next head coaching stint was with the Detroit Lions from 2014 to 2017, as he led the team to a 36-28-0 record. However, Caldwell was fired from the Lions back in 2018.

His two teams combined for a record of 62-50-0 across seven seasons during his entire head coaching career, including going 2-4-0 in the playoffs.

Caldwell has been a part of two Super Bowl-winning teams in his career.

He was the assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach of the 2006 Colts, Super Bowl XLI win over the Chicago Bears. He was also the offensive coordinator of the 2012 Baltimore Ravens’ Super Bowl XLVII win over the San Francisco 49ers.


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