“I Was Driving For DoorDash” | 2023 NFL No. 1 Overall Pick Bryce Young Reveals He Drove For Food Delivery Service During Freshman Season At Alabama 

Carolina Panthers quarterback and 2023 No. 1 overall pick Bryce Young has been everything the team imagined when they took the diminutive gunslinger out of Alabama. When you hear Young talk, and when you watch him play, two things stand out, his maturity and poise in every situation. 

In an interview Tuesday following another hot, steamy and intense practice in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the 2021 Heisman Trophy winner revealed something that not many knew. Young was a food delivery driver during his freshman season in Tuscaloosa. 

Future Heisman Winner Was DoorDash Delivery Guy

Young, who’s as cool as they come, said he had to make money somehow during his first year away from home, and this was how he did it. 

“I was driving for DoorDash, and honestly, I would have a mask on and a hoodie and then I would really accept the ‘drop it at my door’ orders. So for the most part I really didn’t get recognized or anything. You know, this was before NIL, so you know, wanted to have a little extra cash.”

Yes, that definitely had to be before NIL kicked in, because once it did Young had one of the highest NIL valuations in the country. In fact, according to On3.com the former Mater Dei star’s valuation sat at $3.5 million. Pretty sure he didn’t deliver another meal once that kicked in during the summer of 2021. 

Young Is Panthers QB1

As the Panthers broke from their OTAs, the scuttlebutt around the team was Young had impressed enough in his leadership, play and understanding of the playbook that he’d already ascended to the top of the depth chart. 

While first-year head coach Frank Reich did his best to remain coy on the matter, he revealed what most already knew as training camp opened last week. 

“Yes, he’s QB1,” Reich said with a slight grin. 

And from early reports out of Panthers camp, Young has been as advertised. 

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