“I Want Him To Hang A Half A Hunnid’ On Em” | Shannon Sharpe Reaffirms Disdain For Dallas Cowboys, Predicts A Tom Brady Master Class In Week 1

It’s no mystery that Skip Bayless is an over-the-top Dallas Cowboys fan, and his co-host Shannon Sharpe despises the franchise. The back-and-forth makes for great entertainment all football season long. 

Bayless was asked on Tuesday’s episode of “Undisputed” how torn he will be when his idol Tom Brady’s Bucs take on his beloved Dallas Cowboys during Week 1. 

Skip made no bones about that fact that he’d be switching allegiances for that day, pulling for The GOAT to beat his Cowboys, to the surprise of many, including his co-host Shannon Sharpe, who has had endless battles with Skip and his delusional support of a team that hasn’t won a Super Bowl in over 25 years. 

Sharpe got a kick out of Skip “Stanning” so hard for Brady that he dissed his beloved Cowboys. The NFL Hall of Famer started rubbing it in, saying, “Let’s go, Tom. Let’s go, Tom.” 

“I would rather root for Tom Brady and wear a Tom Brady jersey than root one cheer out of my mouth for the Cowboys,” Sharpe insisted. 

Sharpe took the opportunity to continue piling on and said, “I want [Brady] to hang a half a hunnid on em’.”

That’s when the tone went from light-hearted to personal.  

The Cowboys will undoubtedly use Sharpe’s criticism and open hate for the franchise as bulletin board material in Week 1 and throughout the season. He didn’t exactly give Tampa that many props as Sharpe only gave Brady a Grade of 5 on a scale of 1-10 as far as the legendary QB’s chances of winning the Super Bowl. Sharpe still has the Rams as the favorite.

“I’m going to give him a five. He’s still Tom Brady. He’s still playing at an elite level,” Sharpe said. 

Winning that opening game won’t be easy for the Cowboys, who traded top receiver Amari Cooper in the offseason. The move certainly doesn’t help quarterback Dak Prescott, who enters a crossroads season. He must answer the call and prove to be the elite quarterback he’s paid to be. 


PFF ranks the Bucs’ roster talent as first in the NFC and second in the NFL, ahead of the Super Bowl champion Rams and Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers. That means Tom Brady’s 45-year-old arm is expected to dial it up for one more season and lead the Bucs to another ring, securing his eighth Super Bowl championship. 

That would be quite a feat. 

“I love how it’s set up for Tom Brady at age 45 to be in position to make a run,” Skip said. 

Sharpe says the key to Tampa’s success is the defense and rushing linebacker Shaq Barrett returning to 19-sack form. “Barrett needs to be a double-digit sack guy again,” said Sharpe.   

Bayless gives Brady’s chances an 8 and believes that the key to another ring for Brady is the return of Gronk, who has officially announced his retirement.  

“It will come down to will Gronk come back. I think he’s just holding out. … Maybe when the weather gets a little cooler in November he will show up and they’ll take off. I love their chances [to win it all],” Bayless gushed. 

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Maybe the All-Pro tight end is taking a page out of Brady’s book and psyching everybody out. In any event, it’s a sign of Brady’s captivating aura as an athlete. If Skip is willing to abandon his team to root for Brady’s success, Sharpe won’t hesitate to bask in the rare moment, because you can bet that there will be constant Dallas Cowboys hyperbole expressed daily over the course of this upcoming football season. The circus has already started.

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