“I TOLD YALL!” | Stephen A. Smith Rejoices In Cowboys’ Postseason Loss

During the Wild Card Weekend, the Dallas Cowboys were among the many teams that failed to win a playoff game. For America’s Team, it was yet another punchline in their supposed air of invincibility that has gotten tarnished during the postseason.

In the sprawling AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the Cowboys hosted the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday afternoon, losing 23-17. Unfortunately for Dak Prescott, the Cowboys’ offense underwhelmed, and the Niners had minimal worries about the defense as they owned the end zone.

Although for many the Cowboys are the team they love to hate, for one of the loudest voices in the media spectrum their loss was righteous retribution.

Smith’s Cowboys Shame

ESPN personality and host of ”First Take” Stephen A. Smith couldn’t wait to gloat over the Cowboys’ loss. Smith, who has been sidelined from his show with COVID-19, jumped on social media to show the world his jubilance.

“Didn’t I tell ya?” Smith asked after laughing very hard. “Didn’t I tell ya? All year long, when everybody was raving about those boys in Big D, what did ya boy Stephen A. say? They ain’t gonna even win a playoff game.”

Throughout the season he has taken the Cowboys to task, win or lose, and he has stuck to his opinion that the Cowboys can’t finish when it counts.

How Bout Them Cowboys

Guests like legendary Cowboys playmaker Michael Irvin have verbally sparred with Smith for his opinions, but Smith has the last laugh this year.

“And sure enough, right on schedule, right when it really really counts, they crashed like a cheap tent in inclement weather. All I gotta say is two things: How ’bout them Cowboys? And see you on First Take tomorrow. Ya boy is back, right on time. Hehehehehehehe hehehehehahaha hahahahahahaha.”

The Cowboys haven’t played in a conference championship game since the 1995 season. However, this year the Niners, a team that barely made the playoffs and was not in the spotlight during the season, defeated them.

Not Capitalizing On The Moment

After an interception thrown by Jimmy Garoppolo, pulling the team within six points, Prescott blew a chance to push his team in the final three minutes. The 49ers blitzed and pressured Prescott’s last attempted pass — to Cedrick Wilson — incomplete.

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The team ran a QB draw with only 12 seconds left and no timeouts. However, because Dak Prescott went down inbounds the clock kept going, and before he could spike the ball the clock zeroed out.

In a world where many hate the Dallas Cowboys for the sheen owner Jerry Jones has lorded over the football-loving world, there is no bigger Cowboys hater than Stephen A. Smith.

When The Lights Are Bright

The team is always at war against his scathing opinion of them, and anytime he has a chance to prove his theories about the team he does with pleasure.

Whether the Cowboys make adjustments during their offseason to enhance the wealthiest brand in sports, Smith’s condescending laugh should be in the back of their minds as his version of rough justice can hopefully turn into a motivator more than an agitator.

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