“I Think … A-Rod Is On Another Level” | New Packers Wide Receiver Sammy Watkins Is Latest Former Chiefs Player To Throw Shade At Patrick Mahomes

The “throw shade at Patrick Mahomes while uplifting others” tour has continued.

After months of subtle shots at Mahomes from former Chiefs star receiver Tyreek Hill, another former Kansas City wideout is doing a bit of the same. Former Clemson Tigers star Sammy Watkins, who played with Mahomes in K.C. for three seasons (2018-20) is next up.

While discussing his new quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Watkins made sure to credit Mahomes, but at the same time cut him down to size by boosting Aaron Rodgers. In an interview with Packers analyst Larry McCarren, Watkins was asked about the two quarterbacks and was quick to point out that while Mahomes is incredible, Rodgers is on another level.

“I think Pat is incredibly good but A-Rod is on another level. He’s amazing. How he controls the ball, how he puts everybody in place. I’ve been with a lot of quarterbacks, and I’ve never seen them carry themselves like Aaron Rodgers.”

No one is doubting the talent and greatness of Rodgers, the back-to-back reigning MVP and four-time MVP. He’s gifted in ways many QBs aren’t. But to rave about Rodgers while downplaying Mahomes is kind of weird, considering Watkins won a Super Bowl with Mahomes in 2020. Sounds a lot like Tyreek Hill since he was traded to the Dolphins in a March blockbuster deal.

Watkins Channeled His Inner Tyreek Hill With Those Comments

This offseason former wideouts have taken turns taking subtle jabs at Mahomes while uplifting their new quarterbacks. Watkins now, and Hill for the last four months or so. It’s a bit of a shock considering all the success they had with Mahomes at the helm. 

Here’s what Hill said on his “It Needed To Be Said” podcast:

“Accuracy-wise, I’m going with Tua all-day.”

While Tua is accurate, he’s not in the same stratosphere as Mahomes, and Hill knows that. It would’ve benefited him to say Mahomes is the better overall quarterback, while Tua is progressing into a guy who could be looked at that way sooner than later. It was a clear shot at Mahomes. 

This Bulletin Board Material Could Be Bad News For The NFL

Mahomes is great enough without all of these lesser players and media mouths giving him bulletin board material to use as motivation. ESPN analyst Domonique Foxworth believes that the hate is a huge motivation piece for Mahomes.

“The bottom line there is that Tyreek Hill’s podcast is called ‘It Needed To Be Said.’ This did not need to be said.”

Foxworth is correct, and the Chiefs have never been about one player, and because of that Mahomes has the second-highest MVP odds behind Buffalo Bills gunslinger Josh Allen to take home the award for a second time in five seasons.

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