“I Should Leave, I’m Not Even Under Contract Yet!” | Ed Reed Bashes Bethune-Cookman Then Gets A History Lesson From Black Twitter

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Ed Reed went viral on Sunday afternoon when he took to his Instagram Live to criticize the conditions on Bethune-Cookman University campus. The HBCU community didn’t agree with his comments and felt like he took a personal shot because of the notorious history of being underfunded.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame safety was hired a few days before the new year and was on campus for the first time last week. Reed was brought there to help restore pride in the Wildcats’ football program after two consecutive 2-9 seasons.

Bethune-Cookman is located in Daytona Beach, Florida, which was hit by two hurricanes last fall. The team didn’t play a home game for a month due to the storms.

What did Ed Reed say?

Reed started his video by stating that, “Prime was not wrong by what he was saying.” Deion Sanders, former Jackson State head coach, constantly spoke on the conditions of HBCUs and how tough it has made it for them to compete with bigger college football programs.

“It’s not truly a balanced option because of facilities, because of the housing. Because of all the aesthetics at HBCUs. We’re underfunded and overlooked. So it’s not the same,”  Sanders told The Associated Press last October.

Now Reed is experiencing some of those same challenges Sanders faced at Jackson State.

“All of our HBCUs need help, and we gon’ get y’all that help. I am just here [Bethune-Cookman] to help first. And they need help because of the people who are running them with their broken mentalities,” Reed groused. “I’ve been here for a week and a half and have done more than people who have been here for years. I am not even hired yet, it’s a damn shame.”

Reed and the university have yet to reach an agreement on the contract details, but things have gotten off to a rocky start. He stated in another video on how he had his players walk around campus to pick up trash and that his office was not cleaned when he first arrived.


HBCU Community Rages Back At Ed Reed

HBCU community has always had tremendous pride in their schools. So the backlash that has come Reed’s way was expected.

“My HBCU gave me more than education and opportunity. My HBCU gave me family, legacy, and purpose. Some will never understand,” Howard graduate Dr. KaNisha L. Hall tweeted.

Other Twitter users commented stating, “Imagine taking a job knowing there is work to be done and complaining about doing the work.”

The overall theme on social media was that majority felt like it wasn’t OK for Reed to speak on the conditions of HBCUs on the internet and make a mockery of the situation when he could just simply help in silence.

Despite the backlash from the majority, some people did come to Reed’s defense. They felt a lot of HBCUs need a complete makeover from the inside (staff) and outside (campus).

Ed Reed Apologizes

Reed didn’t take any of his videos down, but he did go to his Twitter account to issue an apology.

“In regards to my social media and comments about the University staff and other institutions, I would like to sincerely apologize to all BCU staff, students, and alumni for my lack of professionalism,” Reed said. “I am fully aware of the hardworking folks at our school who are also fighting to make things better and more financially sound. I am encouraged from my communication with my AD and our administration and understand it’s a work in progress.”