“I Put My Foot In My Mouth” | Washington Commanders HC Ron Rivera Admits He Should Not Have Revealed Players Complained About Eric Bieniemy

On Wednesday, Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera admitted that he may have put his “put his foot in his mouth,” on Tuesday when he told reporters that players had come to him concerning new offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy’s intesity.

Rivera then said he didn’t wane paint a picture where his players looked like crybabies or in other terms “soft.”

But, in the same breath Rivera says he also didn’t want to undermine Bieniemy. 

Rivera says all of this a day after he created an unnecessary firestorm of dissension by revealing that players came to him complaining about Bieniemy’s coaching style.

There was no need for the head coach to make any mention of the situation, as if this franchise hasn’t been known more for drama and off the field distractions than their actual efforts on the gridiron. 

Rivera Attempts To Clean Up Mess He Created

Following his comments on Tuesday, Rivera says he told Bieniemy that he “wasn’t as clear as he needed to be,” when he made the unnecessary revelation. He then proceeded to clean up his mess. 

“I hired Eric, and I loved his overall message to the team the first day — that we have to learn to be comfortable when uncomfortable,” Rivera said Wednesday. “With guys on that side of the ball, they were uncomfortable. There’s been a lot of change, and the entire way of doing things has changed on the offensive side. Change is hard.

“Since those conversations took place with Eric and the players, I’ve seen improvements,” Rivera added. “The last couple practices have probably been the best of training camp. That displays how the team has embraced the message and how he does things and how he wants to get things done.”

Bieniemy is coming from a Kansas City Chiefs team that has played in three of the past four Super Bowls, winning two Lombardi trophies. So for a franchise who hasn’t sniffed the Super Bowl since 1992 to have players crying about some stern coaching is pathetic, and Rivera should’ve never mentioned that. If anything, he should be ashamed as the man in charge that players feel that comfortable to do such a thing. 

Bieniemy Not Changing Style 

Many of the team’s players are standing by Bieniemy’s methods, including running back Antonio Gibson. The dual-threat says he’s in the best shape of his four-year career because of the volume of plays run and the high intensity of the practices. 

Second-year wide receiver Jahan Dotson also spoke in support of EB’s method.

“He’s coaching you hard because he believes in you. He wants you to succeed,” Dotson said. “You’ve got to realize that even when he’s getting on you about something you did wrong, he wants to make sure you get it right so on Sundays you don’t make a fool of yourself.”

Those comments just piggyback the ones made by former Chiefs wideouts Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman, who know firsthand how hard it is playing for EB. But they also know he’s a winner, and that’s something the Commanders need sorely in and around their franchise. 

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