“I Never Knew I Had a Heart Attack” | O.J. Simpson Puzzled By False Reports He’d Had A Cardiac Arrest; He’d Know What A Stabbing Sensation In Chest Feels Like …

O.J. Simpson is the latest victim of “fake news” after false reports recently claimed that he suffered a heart attack and dealing with major health problems.

The former NFL running back is known for one of the most high-profile criminal court cases of all time after being acquitted of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend Ron Goldman. He took to Twitter to respond to the false report and even took a shot at the media in his response video.

O.J. Simpson explaining his health is fine. (Photo: @TheRealOJ32/ Twitter screenshot)

Fake News

The report stated that the 76-year-old underwent a critical procedure that could have been fatal. The report also mentioned that his son, Justin, left his real estate business in Florida to be by his dad side in Las Vegas because he was so fragile after the emergency surgery, according to the false report.

Justin, 34, did not comment on the report, but his father did.

“Well, the Twitter world is yours truly. I was kind of falling asleep watching the ladies’ LPGA golf tournament today when all of a sudden I started getting texts from various people wish me well from the heart attack that I had. Well, you know what? I never knew I had a heart attack. So I guess,” said Simpson in the video.

He then proceeded to take a jab at the media.

“I don’t know. Heart attack would feel a lot worse than whatever this is. In any event, it must be true because it was in media. So maybe I should run to the hospital real quick. Maybe I had a heart attack and didn’t know it. I’m just saying take care,” he added.


Enjoying Retirement

Despite the scare with the false report, Simpson seems to be enjoying retirement. He was released from prison in 2017 following being convicted of armed robbery in 2007 and sentenced to 33 years. His release from prison early was due to good behavior. He continued his good behavior and was granted an early release from parole in 2022.

Since being released in 2017, Simpson spend much of his time on the golf course and making sports commentary videos then posting them to his personal Twitter account.

It was never revealed who or where the false heart attack rumors came from, but it seems like Simpson is pretty healthy.

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