“I Hope He Has A Good Chin Because He’s Going To Need It On Fight Night” | Canleo Alvarez Ready For War With Caleb Plant

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is not playing with Caleb “Sweethands” Plant.

The fact was apparent on a media call with the four-division world champion, who is now chasing undisputed status in the super middleweight division.

“I’m always ready; I just can’t wait,” said Alvarez. “I feel strong and fast. With all of the talk, it’s become personal. He crossed a line. But I have to remain focused because this is a very important fight for me.”

Coming For The King

Caleb Plant has come for Alvarez viciously on the road to their Nov. 6 showdown in the historic MGM Grand Arena.

The bad blood is palpable from his multiple accusations of PED usage by the Mexican boxing king to their first press conference and the brief slap boxing fest that ensued.

Whether it was lost in translation or just steely nerves, Alvarez took it very personally when Plant cursed at him. More than fight hype, this is legacy solidification.

“Everyone knows what I’m going to do in the ring,” said Alvarez. “When something is personal with me, it’s different. I have something special in my mind and I’m going to make it a great night for us.”

Bad Blood

During Plant’s virtual media workout yesterday, the undefeated IBF Super Middleweight Champion espoused his motivation for the fight.

“This is personal for me, but every fight is personal for me,” said Plant. “I’ve sacrificed a lot for this sport and dedicated myself completely, so anybody who’s getting in the way of my goals makes it personal to me. No matter who it is.”

Only one man has defeated Canelo Alvarez as a professional. He is the highest selling boxer on pay-per-view of all-time, who also happened to retire undefeated; Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Cracking The Canelo Code

However, if Plant can crack the same code and defeat Alvarez, the career-defining victory will stamp his name in the history books. The winner will become the first undisputed 168-pound world champion of the four-belt era.

That is why he resorts to all tactics, including mental warfare, to rattle the champion before they ever stand toe to toe.

“There have been some guys who lost before the bell even rang against Canelo,” said Plant. “I think that’s why he’s so irritated with me. Some guys just come in and are there to hand over their belt, get their check and leave. Anyone who knows me, they know I’m only here for those belts.

“I’m grateful and appreciative of this opportunity. But I’m not here focusing on building my name, I’m here for those belts and for that win. That’s all I’m focused on.”


However, the legendary impact of the undisputed tag is not lost on Alvarez, the current WBC/WBO/WBA Super Middleweight Champion. He has been the face of the sport of boxing since Mayweather’s last professional fight in 2017. Adding undisputed super middleweight world champion to his résumé only enhanced his already secured legacy.

“Being the undisputed champion is huge for my legacy,” said Alvarez. “Not only would it be an honor to be the first Latin American fighter to do it, but there’s only a select club of fighters who have achieved this. [Alvarez Trainer] Eddy (Reynoso) and I said in the beginning that the goal was to be undisputed, and now we’re one fight away.

Since losing via majority decision to Mayweather in 2013, Alvarez has been on a 14 fight win streak that includes picking up world championships in three weight classes. He has handed losses to Miguel Cotto, Amir Khan, GGG, Danny Jacobs, Sergey Kovalev, and most recently Billy Joe Saunders.

Potential War Of Attrition

His résumé reads like a who’s who of boxing, and Alvarez dominated them all. However, Plant poses a unique challenge as a skilled boxer with pop, impressive footwork, and a dog’s determination.

“There are a lot of things that I possess that are going to give him issues in the fight,” said Plant. “He says the first few rounds will be tough, but I’m saying all the rounds are going to be tough for him. He’s got a tall order in front of him.”

Alvarez knows his position as the boxing world leader, and he plans on using that pressure as motivation to stay there.

“Even harder than getting to the top is staying there,” said Alvarez. “That’s why I try to get better each and every day. That’s what I’ve been trying to do from my first fight up until now.”

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