“I Have A Catcher’s Mitt Ready For Ya Baby”| Deion Sanders Ready To Add More Talent Through Transfer Portal

Deion Sanders has never been one to hold back when he wants to express something.

Known for having the “gift of gab,” Sanders has consistently let would-be transfers know that Jackson State is an option. That they’ll get the same next level preparation that they’d find at a Power Five school.

With the transfer portal “as hot as fish grease,” the aforementioned Sanders took to Twitter to let those searching for a new home know that Jackson State is ready and willing. Coach Prime stays on the grind.


This isn’t the first time Sanders has made that announcement. He was very active during the signing periods (December and February), and he just randomly tweets out to transfers to let them know JSU is poppin’. The portal has been good to the Tigers, in fact they landed 14 transfers in this cycle.

Those transfers include former four-star linebacker Antonio Doyle from Texas A&M. Doyle will be filling the role vacated by James “The Problem” Houston who’s off to the NFL after recording 16.5 sacks in 2021.

Houston arrived at Jackson State from Florida via the transfer portal in 2021. He also landed star wideout Malachi Wideman — who caught 12 touchdowns in 2021 — from Tennessee via the portal.

This cycle Sanders added quality offensive and defensive line depth. He even landed some other former three- and four-star prospects in his 14-player haul. All are expected to compete for playing time for the 2022 version of the JSU Tigers.



Sanders Wasn’t Always A Fan Of The Portal: Says It Hurts High School Recruiting

In a SWAC coaches conference call last October, Sanders talked about how the ever-busy portal will affect high school recruiting.

 “Recruiting is different now. It’s not like it is used to be. When you talk about recruiting, you’ve got to break this thing down in three.
“You’re talking about grad transfers, you’re talking you guys in the portal and you’re talking high school guys. What’s your needs? What’s your darn needs? What do you need right now? Do you have the right time, and is your college going to give the time to develop these young men out of high school? Because that’s predominantly, let’s just say at the best, that’s a two-year process.”

While Sanders was opposed to the portal at the beginning of his tenure at JSU, he’s quickly become a fan of it and used it to his advantage. You really can’t blame him when you see the aforementioned pieces he added in Houston and Wideman.

 They helped the Tigers reach unprecedented heights.



Sanders Uses His Huge Platform To Win In The Portal

Coach Prime is a household name, so his success as a coach combined with his celebrity stature has heavy influence on players. That and his no-nonsense approach make Jackson State a viable spot for transfers and recruits.

 In an interview with the “Dan Patrick Show” in February Coach Prime said:

 “I don’t have to sell you. I ain’t selling nothing. That’s the thing about it, I don’t sell anything. I’m going to allow you to understand that I’ve sat on three sides of the table. I’ve been in the living room, and I’m the parent. I’ve been the player, now I’m the coach. That’s a heck of an advantage, because I know the thought process of everyone in the room. I’m not selling anything, but I’m going to promise you that if you send me a boy, I’m going to send you back a man.”

Sanders is recruiting at the highest level and with him adding top flight transfers the JSU Tigers are primed to be at the forefront of FCS football for years to come.

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