“I Feel So Bad For Mrs. Usman, She Has A Cheating A** Son And She Has A Scammer A** Husband ; That Must Be Sh*tty In That Hoe’s Home” | Covington Stays Chaotic For His MAGA-Laced Brand

UFC 268 invades Madison Square Garden for the welterweight championship rematch between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington.

After losing via fifth-round TKO at the December 2019 UFC 245 and suffering a broken jaw in the process, Colby Covington has sought to keep himself in the conversation.

MAGA Marketing

However, his entire modus operandi within combat sports since first making a name for himself has been to agitate in the fashion of his idol, Donald Trump.

It began in São Paulo with a unanimous decision to win over Demian Maia in 2017 when Covington called Brazilians filthy animals. He sparked the ire of an entire country, and a heel was born. Since then, with a red MAGA hat usually on his head, “Chaos” has used the gamut of racially polarized trash talk to sell his fighting persona.

The Sports World Stops But Dana White Stumps For Trump?

His bigotry holds no bounds, and no context, like when he asked Kamaru Usman if he received a call from his “tribe.” After defeating former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, Covington received a live post-fight phone call from then-President Trump.

“I’m proud of you, man. I’m a big fan, and I’m proud of you,” said Trump to Covington. “You’re tough; you have the right spirits. So now go win the next one, and keep it for a long time.

“Just keep that championship for a long time. You are something. Say hello to all the guys. I appreciated the shout-out tonight too. I’m your fan, you’re my fan. Two of a kind, two of a kind.”

Immediately, the UFC did a split-screen confrontation with Usman where Covington unleashed his brand of ignorance.

“Who did you get a call from?” said Covington. “Did you get a call from freaking your little tribe? Did they give you some smoke signals for you? [laughs] You’re a joke, Marty Fake Newsman!”

The UFC Has Become A Racial Dog Whistle

Smoke Signals?

Usman is a Nigerian-American, but there is no difference between an African or an indigenous person in America; their “smoke signals” are his marketing smokescreen.

Fast-forward to the final news conference for UFC 268, and Covington unleashed a new offensive against Usman’s father.

Recently, revelations emerged that Usman’s father, Muhammed, was arrested and charged with multiple counts of health care fraud in 2009.

According to reports, the senior Usman’s ambulance company submitted false claims knowingly. The fighter has defended his father, claiming he was innocent and placing the blame on his employees.

Unfortunately, as the owner of the business, Usman was charged and convicted. He received a 15-year sentence and served 10. His release was in early 2020.

Cheap Shots

“The only thing you broke was your daddy out of prison,” Covington fired back. “Where’s that jailbird at? We need the scam artist here just like his son.

“At least my father wasn’t in prison. Scamming everybody out of their hard-earned money. These people work their asses off, all these blue-collar Americans and you’re going to scam them out of millions of dollars?”

Covington also referred to Usman’s mother, calling her a “hoe.”

For Covington, he understands that feeding the disillusionment of a portion of white America that loves to challenge the decency of non-white people sells pay-per-views and tickets.

His alignment with the Trumps and their joint marketing efforts are not coincidental. Covington told TMZ that “there will be some members of the Trump family there” at his fight.

Challenging the Americaness of Usman, painting his father’s issues as a family trait, and propounding the stereotype of Nigerians as scammers is a regular dog walk for Covington.

The UFC has never punished him for breaking the UFC Code of Conduct for his racial commentary, showcasing how lucrative the negativity is for their bottom line.

Remember Conor McGregor, anyone?

Kamaru Usman’s Covington KO Was For The Culture

With a history that includes a broken jaw and bad blood between Usman and Covington, no doubt there is more motivation for Usman to stop the MAGA faithful’s hero dead in his tracks.

UFC 268, like Usman and Covington’s first pairing, is for the culture.

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