“I Don’t Know, Some People Just Got Hate In Their Heart | Former Raiders Punter Marquette King Said He Was Cut By Jon Gruden Without Explanation

Former NFL punter Marquette King has been speaking about his experience as an NFL punter lately. From his rise to one of the top punters in the league to his abrupt ending with the Raiders, who wouldn’t even give the talented player a courtesy call or meeting to find out he was being released.

King says he believes it was hate being spewed from former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, who resigned during the 2021 NFL season amidst racist and misogynistic e-mails from his past being released.

In a recent interview with Audacy’s “Silver and Black Today,” King discussed how that sequence of events still stings to this day.

“I never met the guy before. I never talked to him. I tried to reach out to Rich Bisaccia, he left me on read. … Anytime I get a new coach, I try to reach out to him, get to know him, but I never got a chance to talk to any of them. It was just the weirdest thing ever. It actually kind of hurt. It felt like a loss.”

King continued:

“Raiders felt like home,” King said. “That was home. Staying in the Bay was home. Wearing those colors, I couldn’t see myself wearing any other colors. I honestly should’ve took a year off. I was just so scarred from that, man. Feeling like somebody just has a motive behind letting you go.’

“I honestly don’t understand,” King continued. “I think it was hate. That’s what I feels like. That’s the only way you can be towards somebody if you never met them. I don’t know, some people just got hate in their heart.”


King believes Gruden really disliked him for some reason and that his football ability played no factor in the quick decision to cut him upon Gruden becoming the head coach.

King may actually be onto something, as in 2017, his last season with the Raiders, his (42.7) net punt average was third-best in the NFL. King’s comments may be true, because no way the Raiders would cut an advantage like that in the kicking game. One that flips the field and helps the defense immensely.

King Was A Great Punter: Led League In Net Yards For Seven Seasons

Being a Black punter gives King the distinction of being one of just six in NFL history.

But none of them was more successful than King, who from 2012 to 2018 with the Raiders and Denver Broncos led the league in total net punt yards.

In 2014, King broke all the franchise punting records for the Raiders. The former Fort Valley State Wildcats star etched out a very good career in the NFL, but something tells observers it should’ve been much, much longer than seven seasons.

Does Gruden’s Email History Validate King’s Comments?

Is King’s claim of being cut because of malice, disdain or racism legit, considering the emails that were uncovered were legit?

Former NFL Punter Marquette King Says He’s Victim Of Race Discrimination | Jobless Despite Top-Five All-Time Punting Yardage Average

King’s remarks have some real validity behind them.

No one will ever know why the move was made so fast with King in the prime of his career and at the top of the league for his position. But in the case of King, who played the game with a zest and fervor not displayed by many, he believes it was done from a place of hate and a cultural disconnection that’s  still hard for him to accept.

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