“I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink” | FS1’s Skip Bayless Reveals He Couldn’t Sleep The Night Before Shannon Sharpe’s Last Day On “Undisputed”

Last Tuesday, after seven years, Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe made his final appearance on FS1’s Undisputed. The move came after it was announced in late May that Sharpe was being bought out and leaving the show he helped bring to life in 2016 with Skip Bayless. And, while the reason for the breakup has never been revealed, it happened, and from the looks of it Sharpe and Bayless act as if they should’ve stayed together.

When the announcement was made about Sharpe’s impending departure it was said to be at the conclusion of the NBA Finals. Well that ended on Monday night in Denver with the Denver Nuggets winning the franchise’s first championship in over 47 years of existence. Knowing that Tuesday would be Sharpe’s final show, Bayless says he didn’t sleep at all the night before.

Bayless Sleep Deprived Ahead Of Final Show With Sharpe

During a recent episode of the “The Skip Bayless Show,” the legendary sports analyst spoke in-depth about how he felt about Sharpe’s departure. 

“To sum this up, on this past Monday night, ahead of Shannon’s departure on Tuesday, I did pull an all-nighter because I couldn’t sleep a wink. I tried, and I failed. 

“I was keyed up, so worked up, so torn up over what was happening, I just couldn’t go to sleep. The truth is, this past Tuesday, I tried to go to sleep in the afternoon, and I had a hard time even going to sleep even then.”

Between Bayless not being able to sleep, and Sharpe telling him he’s here he “because of him,” during his emotional goodbye, one has to wonder just why they couldn’t make it work any longer. 

At some point we’ll eventually hear the real reason why they ended their run together, but until then we’re left here to speculate.

Sharpe Will Land On Feet, Bayless Awaits New Co-Host

Over the past seven years, Sharpe has become a household name in the sports media world. So for him it’s just a matter of the right situation and opportunity coming along. That could reside in his ever popular “Club Shay Shay” podcast. 

As for Bayless, he now awaits his new co-host, which many believe could be former NFL star and Philadelphia Eagles all-time leading rusher LeSean “Shady” McCoy, who’s currently a part of “Speak” on FS1. 

Either way it seems as if Sharpe and Bayless both have some regret already. 

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