“I Ain’t That Damn Attractive; This Is A Little Too Good To Be True”: Stephen A. Smith Talks Set Ups And Whether He Gets His Salad Tossed

Stephen A. Smith is notoriously private, but recently he has been opening up more about the real man behind the sports polarization. While on a media tour promoting his podcast “Know Mercy” and upcoming book release “Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes,” Smith hit up “The Breakfast Club” and “BS with Jake Paul” revealing some interesting bits about his personal life.

For one, Smith feels like his opposition sent women to put him in compromising circumstances. In other words, SAS has “opps,” and they are active.

“They’re gonna come at you in a variety of ways. I’ve been in situations where I’ve been propositioned, covering the NBA playoffs, the NBA Finals, and I’m not saying this is exactly what happened, but I wonder who sent them. Because the women were a little bit too aggressive,” Smith said on “The Breakfast Club.”

“I’m like, ‘I don’t look like Godzilla, but I know I ain’t that damn attractive. This is a little bit too aggressive here. I mean, why they’re acting like they got to get with me?’ Something’s fishy about it. I didn’t know, but you had that suspicion and that intuition. You gotta be like, ‘this is a little too good to be true. Something ain’t right about this.'”


Smith was also put on the spot recently when he appeared on the “BS with Jake Paul” podcast for the Betr platform. Paul’s girlfriend asked Smith and co-host Julia Rose whether or not he has had his butt eaten, aka a salad toss, and Smith emphatically replied, “never! I don’t have to.”

However, the interview turned into the eyebrow-raising side when Rose went a little further and asked if he’s ever been on the receiving end of his salad being tossed, and Smith said, “That’s private.”

The prevailing energy was that it was an unofficial admission of the act having been performed on him.

Earlier this year, Smith explained his polarizing personality on First Take and what he feels is the secret to his success to staying on television.

“I’m a multitude of things. I can be mellow, I can be loud, I can be bombastic or demonstrative, I can be quiet, I can be pissed off and mean as hell,” Smith said on “The Pivot” podcast. “I can be very jovial and fun-loving. It all depends on what the moment calls for. None of us are truly, truly one-dimensional.”

“What I would tell you about me on television is this. I believe this in my soul. I am a winner, bro. I am not trying to lose. In television, it is about ratings and revenue. My whole position is who do you want to watch when you flip the channels?” he continued.

“When you are flipping through the channels, who are you going to stop and say let me see what this person has to say? In my mind, it is always me, because I’m trying to show you that I am passionate and enthused about what we are talking about. I can’t do that if I’m mellow chilling in my house. I am projecting and asking the audience to stop what they are doing to watch me.”

With Smith keeping it too real on his personal life, whether directly or nuanced, it is sure to keep people wanting to learn more.

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