How Much Money Will Mayweather & McGregor Make?

The main question on the minds of those following this unlikely and heavily hyped fight between Floyd Maywaether and Conor McGregor is what is their respective guaranteed purses will be. The promotional entities and all parties involved have been very quiet throughout the campaign. But now, the eye-popping numbers have been revealed. 

Marcus Vanderberg on Twitter

Here’s the purse info from the NSAC. Floyd getting 100 million, Conor getting 30 million. #MayMac

Mayweather will make a guaranteed purse of $100 million, tying his 2015 purse against Manny Pacquiao. It still stands as the highest guaranteed purse amount ever paid to a fighter. 

McGregor will make a guaranteed purse of $30 million, giving him a career high payday. 

Both fighters are also receiving a portion of the pay-per-view, foreign television rights, and merchandising sales. If the pay-per-view reaches or exceeds the 4.6 million buys the Pacquiao bout did, Mayweather will earn $250 million.  

The final tally for the Pac Man bout was an astonishing $260 million in earnings for Floyd, and anything north of that would set a new record.

McGregor cannot complain after talking himself into the biggest payday of his life, coming from a sport that notoriously underpays its fighters in relation to boxers. 

It is unclear how much Dana White and/or the UFC will profit from McGregor’s end of the deal, but rest assured that all parties seem extremely happy at the end of the day.     

Mayweather – McGregor: Fight of the Century?

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