Houston Texans Go All In With Struggle QB Brandon Weeden

Over the last few weeks, some surprising and exciting transactions have captivated the NFL community.

The Browns set it off by acquiring Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry and Carlos Hyde.  In a span of two weeks, the Rams went all in on defense by acquiring Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib and Ndamukong Suh. Then for a day, they were the talk of the town when rumors surfaced that they were trying to pry Odell Beckham Jr. away from the Giants, a rumor the Giants have, for the time being, squashed.

But those moves were overshadowed by Tuesday’s news that the Texans had made another “amazing” signing at the quarterback position when they announced they had signed one time Texan and former Titans’ QB, Brandon Weeden.

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Texans will be signing Brandon Weeden as their backup quarterback.

Yes, this is the same Brandon Weeden who played for the Texans in 2015. The same Weeden who the Titans signed last season when Marcus Mariotta was injured and backup Matt Cassel pulled a Matt Cassel and went 4-10 with 21 yards passing and 2 interceptions en route to getting blown out by, ironically, the Texans, 57-14.

Weeden, who last played in the NFL in 2015, brought with him to Tennessee a four year stat line consisting of 6,642 yards passing with 31 TDs and 30 ints. When asked why the team hadn’t looked at signing the obviously talented yet blackballed Colin Kaepernick, head coach Mike Mularkey responded with a mind-numbing excuse. “I know he’s not familiar with our offense,” said Mularkey, referring to Kap. “As quickly as we could get somebody up to speed in a short amount of time, he (Weeden) had the advantage over everybody.” 

Weeden ended up doing absolutely nothing for the Titans, so of course, the Texans would have a great interest in bringing him, and not Kap, on board. This shouldn’t come as a shock as this is the same Texans team who started Brock Osweiler in 2016, only to watch him completely freeze out All-Pro receiver DeAndre Hopkins. After finally shipping Osweiler out to Cleveland and handing the keys to Deshaun Watson, the team made lots of noise as Watson turned doubters into believers each week, amassing an impressive stat line of almost 1,700 yards passing with 19 TDs and 8 interceptions while also rushing for 269 yards and 2 more scores before being lost for the season to a knee injury. Up stepped Tom Savage (who beat out Weeden in camp last summer), who proceeded to go full Tom Savage against the defensively challenged Colts.

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Tom Savage doing Tom Savage things with the chance to win the game. https://t.co/dgL8jIhgvD

So with the team in desperate need of a reliable backup, they passed on making the call to Kap and instead brought in Josh Johnson, a QB who hadn’t played in the NFL since 2013. In his 29 game career, Johnson threw for 1,042 yards, five TDs, and 10 ints. Meanwhile, Kap, who was in game-ready shape, possessed a career stat line consisting of 12,271 yards passing with 72 TDs and 30 interceptions, also rushing for 2,300 yards and 13 TDs. 

But is the signing of Weeden over even a collect call to Kap a surprise?

Given their actions last season, coupled with the “inmates” comment made by team owner Bob McNair last October, the answer is no. But to go after yet another incapable backup QB who has contributed nothing to the League in at least two years proves, once again, that Colin Kaepernick’s blackballing continues and that some teams, like the Texans, are more committed to his expulsion than they are to winning.

It’s obvious that the Texans neglected to watch the Eagles last season, for if they did, they would recognize the value of a highly qualified and capable backup QB, especially one who could carry the team if Watson isn’t fully recovered. But Brandon Weeden? We’ll just leave this right here.

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