Horrible NFL Ratings Are Chickens Coming Home To Roost

At this point, with the quality of quarterback play in the NFL, it’s both laughable and absurd that Colin Kapernick remains unemployed. There’s no denying the dearth of quality signal callers in the league, and to suggest that Kap is worse than every starter and backup suiting up right now is the dictionary definition of Fake News.

There’s no immersive statistical analysis needed here to uncover the sea of ever-increasing mediocrity lining up under center. Guys like Tom Savage, Blake Bortles, Josh McCown, Mike Glennon and Jared Goff are no one’s idea of what at least a serviceable NFL QB should look like. And they’re starters.

Things have gotten so bad that fans are beginning to talk about the glory days of Jim Drunkenmiller!

Speaking of Bortles, whose play has been worse than Wyclef’s Ecleftic album, the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to add another quarterback to their roster because of how atrocious he’s looked. And thus, we can now add Ryan Nassib, who will serve as the understudy to dud backup Chad Henne, to that unremarkable, growing list of undistinguished, forgettable QB’s that were offered jobs ahead of Kaepernick. 

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Adding Kap would be an upgrade for many teams, especially a squad like the Jaguars, who have some good young talent spread all over the field. With his unique skill set and demonstrated leadership, he’s the type of player that could tip the scales towards making them a playoff team.

But all of this, of course, is beating a dead horse. We all know what’s at play here, and why Kaepernick remains unemployed. 

I can’t recall many quarterbacks in the past 20 years or so that have been summarily dismissed because of – ahem, “his play” – after having the type of early career he’s had.

If you’re one of these meatheads out here who have an amnesia attack when it comes to his remarkable resume as a young player in San Francisco, his ability to change the complexion of a game with his feet and how good he actually played last year for a moribund team, there’s no degree of intelligence that will convince you that he deserves to be playing right now.

You think a squad like the Jets, who boast a depth chart of Josh McCown, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenburg, along with a few other teams with equally dismal talent, couldn’t benefit from having Kaep running the show?

Oh, that’s right, the man is “a distraction.” So much so that every one of his former coaches, on teams both good and bad, dismissed that nonsense in lauding his leadership.

You know it’s time to end this farce when Tom Brady comes out in support of him deserving a job. 

CBS News on Twitter

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says Colin Kaepernick deserves a spot on an NFL roster, admires him https://t.co/T57nS0O9Zu

If Jay Cutler can get a $10 million shot with the Dolphins after being cut by the Bears, there are no more excuses that hold water. 

And please spare me the argument that teams are worried about the effect on their bottom line, since their profits are heavily buoyed by a stream of fixed television revenue.

The headlines advancing some silly narrative about Kaepernick’s protest, which he said he will no longer continue, as the reason why the league’s TV ratings are plummeting are pure nonsense.

Fans have been flocking away from the game for years with the convergence of off-the-field player violence, the CTE epidemic and how the league initially discredited the medical conclusions, and its willingness to create drug addicts and destroy the later lives of their labor force through narcotics and painkillers to keep the turnstiles and TV money humming.

Let’s start there, along with consumers cutting the chord on their traditional cable television viewing habits. The bottom line is that NFL has lost its grip. And it has nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick. 

The majority of the quarterbacks, along with the quality of overall offense is terrible right now. No one trusts commissioner Roger Goodell, fans are gaining a conscience around the game’s irrefutable destruction of players’ brains and are tiring of criminals and woman-beaters getting the benefit of the doubt over a deserving player that simply took advantage of his first amendment rights to shed some light on societal inequities.

Me, myself, personally, the scales also tipped years ago when every other commercial screamed, “For an erection lasting more than four hours…” while I tried in vain to explain why Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu were so incredible to my daughters.

The NFL doesn’t have a Colin Kaepernick problem. More and more people are beginning to recognize that anyone with the capacity to think and see beyond the final score has an NFL problem. 

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RT @SplashyStacks: White people after they hear Aaron Rodgers supports Colin Kaepernick https://t.co/kMLezjGjs1

And even the staunchest team supporter and Kap hater will freely admit, under some truth serum, that player protests aren’t keeping their eyeballs away from the games. Their atrocious offense and terrible quarterbacks are. 

And for the more sophisticated and conscientious among us who study to confluence of sports in society, and the larger determining factors at play here, people are growing tired of the league and what it truly stands for on a disturbing number of fronts.

In this day and age of alternative facts, Kaepernick is merely a convenient scapegoat for what the NFL won’t ever admit. 

We’re getting a more comprehensive view behind the curtain every day. And like what Dorothy an’nem saw when they unmasked the bootleg Atlantic City politician Herman Smith, who was masquerading as the great and powerful Oz, what they thought was the truth was actually a fraud that the likes of Bernie Madoff could be proud of. 

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