Hope Solo, What’s Really Good?

In her best The Color Purple voice, Hope Solo met the media and said,"I’s married now! I’s a married woman now!”

Ok, not really, but she did talk to the media after practice and expressed that her newlywed life is great, even after a domestic violence against her criminal husband NFL’er Jerramy Stevens the day before her wedding.

“It’s unfortunate what the media can do to judge before the facts are out there. It’s hard to see, but it’s a hard truth, and it’s part of life,” she said. “I’m happy. I’m happily married. I would never stand for domestic violence. I’ve never been hit in my life.”

For Hope’s sake, I hope she is telling the truth but all signs in the situation point to “RUN GIRL RUN!” Her husband is currently on probation for a 2010 marijuana possession and the domestic violence arrest caused him to violate his probation and go back to jail. As of yesterday, Nov. 28 he was still in jail and a bond had not been set .

Please do not get it twisted and begin to feel sorry for this man. Stevens has a history of disturbingly violent offenses. In high school he and another student assaulted a schoolmate with a baseball bat and the classmate’s jaw was shattered. Steven’s charges were lowered from felony assault to assault in the fourth degree when it was discovered he did not use the bat. He pled guilty.

Did I also mention that in 2001, he was cited for reckless driving and pled guilty to a hit-and-run after crashing into a nursing home? I mean, who runs away from hitting a nursing home and doesn’t even leave a note or some cookies?

And those are just a few of his crimes. This man’s wrap sheet is toilet paper roll long. See for yourself.

I know a good man is hard to find, but Hope didn’t have to go speed dating in the county correctional facility to find someone. Geesh.

However, it would make sense for her to love the bad boys. Her dad was a con man imprisoned for embezzlement and she was actually conceived during a prison conjugal visit according to her book.

This whole story sounds like a VH1 Behind the Music in the making or at least a really bad episode of Real Housewives of (insert city).

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