“His Fashion Is So Bad On The Bench That We Need Him In Uniform” | TNT Announcer Stan Van Gundy Chose Violence When Discussing Tyler Herro’s Wardrobe Choices

The Miami Heat is one game away from an improbable and extremely surprising run to the NBA Finals. What’s even more shocking is they’ve done it as the No. 8 seed and without their third-leading scorer, Tyler Herro, who’s been sidelined since breaking his hand in Game 1 of the Heat’s first-round upset of the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks. 

Herro’s injury was supposed to be the death blow for the Heat’s run against the Bucks, but they’ve somehow used it to catapult themselves to the brink of their second NBA Finals appearance in four seasons. Herro is slated to return during the finals if Miami is able to eliminate the Boston Celtics, and it seems TNT analyst Stan Van Gundy wants to see him back as soon as possible, just so he doesn’t have to see the former Kentucky sharpshooter on the bench in his own clothes.

SVG Wants Herro In Uniform To Avoid Seeing His Game Day Attire

NBA players dress to the nines while working to get the big-money deal, but once they land that deal, they seem to completely change how they dress. As for Herro, who signed a big four-year, $120 million extension in October, which is slated to begin this fall, his wardrobe changed pretty drastically once he landed that huge extension. 

Herro, who once wore nice casual to dressy outfits, has traded that in for bucket hats and odd-looking pantsuits. The outfits are pretty outlandish, as are those of many NBA players, and former Miami Heat coach Van Gundy, who at age 63 undoubtedly has different fashion tastes, is tired of seeing it.

During Tuesday night’s Game 4 loss to the Celtics, SVG couldn’t help jabbing at Herro for what he had on. 

“You know the No. 1 reason the Heat need Tyler Herro back?” Van Gundy asked Reggie Miller on the broadcast. “Because his fashion is bad on the bench. We need him in uniform. 

“And for me to be commenting on anybody else’s fashion is probably —” Van Gundy said before Kevin Harlan chimed in with: “You took words right out of Tyler’s mouth.”

Van Gundy agreed, adding, “He’s looking at me going, wait, you are going to comment on me?”

SVGs comments were funny, but Herro could say he looks like Mario from the Super Mario Brothers video game. And for good measure, his brother Jeff could pass for Luigi. 

Herro Set To Return Soon?

As the Heat look to secure that final win to push them into the NBA Finals, Herro is on the mend and very close to helping his team if they’re able to win one of the final three games against the Celtics. 

Per reports, Herro, a vital piece of Miami’s arsenal, has been cleared to resume basketball activities. 

Head coach Erik Spoelstra told reporters at Tuesday’s presser that “He’s starting the process.”

Coach Spo also mentioned that the 2022 NBA Sixth Man of the Year can begin dribbling and shooting. 

Herro’s 20 points per game will be needed against the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals if Miami closes out this 3-1 Eastern Conference Finals lead. They will meet a hungry Nuggets squad attempting to secure the franchise’s first NBA championship after sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference finals.

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