His ESPN Gig Caught An IG Flat, But Paul Pierce Is Still Sitting On Chrome

Who knows why Paul Pierce decided to go on IG Live and expose his state of Uber ratchedness. Laid up with some big booty, scantily clad strippers, while gambling and getting blazed like something straight out of a Rappin Fortay Player’s Club video. 

His business is his business. But when he makes it the world’s business and Disney’s business, it becomes a problem. Disney has fired folks for less. So has ESPN.

I guess when you’re an NBA legend and paid out the backside, it doesn’t really matter if you get fired from a $1.2 million a year gig to talk sh*t on TV. 

Even if Pierce was truly giving us an exclusive into the life of a retired NBA star, that’s what onlyfans pages are for. Once you take the ESPN/Disney check you become an extension of the brand, no matter what.

So it wasn’t surprising that as soon as the IG video went viral, he got canned. People remain confused as to why he did it. But at the end of the day, that’s that man’s business and he doesn’t seem to be stressing it.

Don’t believe me?


Just Throw It In The Bag

Via sportscasting.com: 

Based on Spotrac’s financial information, Pierce made more than $195 million during his NBA career. As you might assume, most of that money—roughly $166 million—came from the Boston Celtics; the rest was collectively paid out by the Nets, Wizards, and Clippers.

While raw salary doesn’t always translate directly into net worth, Pierce is still looking pretty good in that department, too. CelebrityNetWorth estimates the forward’s overall fortune at approximately $70 million.

There you have it.


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