High Schooler Kwe’Shaun Parker Creates A Great Moment In Dunk History

Some dunks are amazing and others are epiphanies. In our highlight culture, it's rare to experience a dunk epiphany these days.  Recently, 6-2 rising Trinity Prep senior Kwe Parker executed a surreal one-handed, 360 windmill flush that left everyone in attendance with their jaws on the ground. It's a dunk that surprisingly has never been performed in any high-profile slam dunk contest before. Yet Parker, nonchalantly unveiled it during warmups.

This won't be the least time you see Parker though. He is considered a highly-rated recruit in the Class of 2016 that is getting plenty of attention from Division I programs and his profile to the casual fan just skyrocketed as well.

The best part of this highlight is the kid in the white that immediately leaves the gym. He appears to be on his cell phone, but he runs out. He probably spent the next four hours going door-to-door telling the town about the amazing aerial display he'd just witnessed. He didn't need to, but who can blame him? The world should know about the innovation air endeavors of this young dunk genius.


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