“He’s Helped The Blazers For 11 Years” | Former NBA Player Matt Barnes Believes Blazers Should Do Damian Lillard A Solid And Trade Him To Desired Destination

The Damian Lillard trade talks have gone quiet as we approach the two week mark since the seven-time All-Star and seven-time All-NBA selection requested a trade out of Portland after 11 seasons. Lillard, not only asked for a trade, but he also wants to be traded to the Miami Heat. As of now that hasn’t happened because the Heat don’t possess the assets that the Blazers are looking to recoup to get a deal done.

Many, including former NBA player Matt Barnes, believe the Blazers should figure out a way to make it happen. But, this is a business, and Lillard is the last real asset the Blazers will likely have for years to come. Therefore, the Blazers brass is looking to cash in if they’re gonna move the former Weber State sharpshooter. 

Barnes Thinks Blazers Should Do Him A Solid

During a recent appearance on Sirius XM NBA Radio, Barnes, the one-time NBA champion, and co-host of the hit “All The Smoke” podcast, said the Blazers should do right by Lillard and trade him to Miami. But, in the same breath he says he understands it’s a business. 

“He’s helped the Blazers for 11 years,” Barnes said. “I think the Blazers should help him. Although I understand this is a business, loyalty doesn’t lie in professional sports at all. For your superstar to give everything he’s had  for 11 years, I think they should try to do what they can. Obviously, you’re gonna need some compensation for a great player like him but I definitely think they should do the best they can to accommodate him.”

“He stayed loyal, he’s been great for the city, not only on, but off the court,” Barnes continued. “A pillar in the community. Being a fan of Dame, him being a friend of mine, I just hope the best for him. If it is Miami or somewhere else, I just hope he has a chance to compete.”

Didn’t the Blazers reward Dame with a huge supermax extension last offseason that he gladly signed?

That was the time to ask to be traded. After constantly saying players are running from the grind, Lillard is trying to force his way to one team. 

Sounds a bit hypocritical, doesn’t it? 

Blazers Don’t Have To Rush To Trade Lillard, They Hold The Leverage 

Without a no-trade clause, like Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal executed to get to Phoenix, Lillard doesn’t hold much leverage. Per reports, the Blazers GM Joe Cronin hasn’t spoken to Lillard since he requested the trade. 

There’s also been reports of Cronin and the Blazers not being at all excited about what the Heat have to offer. There’s also been constant chatter about this needing to be a three- or four-team deal in order for the Blazers to get solid compensation. Meaning other teams would need to see how it benefits them to join the party.   

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