Here’s A List Of LeBron James’ Potential Free Agent Destinations

LeBron James is King in the minds of so many and his royal highness has his choice of contending NBA squads to choose from this summer in what will be one of the most coveted free agency periods since The Decision. 

Now we have The Decision Part Deux and it’s sure to piss people off more than the first time.  

According to Clutch Points, Bron’s list of star-studded teams that he will grace with “conversations” this summer includes the Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, LA Lakers and — ready for this one — the Golden State Warriors. 

ESPN First Take 6/6/2018 – Stephen A. says LeBron will likely meeting with Warriors this offseason

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This smells of clickbait, but according to ESPNs Stephen A. Smith (via Clevis Murray of The Athletic), James is bound to have conversations with these heavy hitting, built-to-win-now squads as these four teams have a playoff-ready roster, with three of them having made it into the Conference Finals.

This is typical LeBron and its what his fans want. They want to see him go out on top and are willing to accept this lunacy no matter how heavily he wants to stack the odds in his favor. 

In my opinion, LeBron signing with Golden State to create the most lopsided collection of talent in NBA history would be a stain on his resume no matter how many more titles he won. Bouncing to Miami and creating The Superteam culture with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh was egregious offense. 

Leaving Miami to go back to Cleveland and from another Super team with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving was a reprehensible offense to some, masked by the joy and storyline of the prodigal son returning and winning a title for Cleveland. 

Planning to hop onto the roster of a ready-made team in order to piggyback a few more championships is simply pathetic and another example of the culture that LeBron James — as great as he is — has created where building a championship squad and going through the trials and tribulations of climbing the mountain to success is no longer respected. 

Its all about the quick fix and forcing championships. As far as which destination is actually a realistic one, well, we can probably rule out Boston. The Green Machine invested a ton in Kyrie and the last thing Irving wants is LeBron breathing down his neck and inhibiting his freedom again. Theres 0 chance of that happening, although Celtics management would try to make it work if they had a legit opportunity to grab LeBron. 

Dante Turo on Twitter

Antonine Walker says LeBron James should join the Celtics in free agency to chase rings. Thoughts?

The Houston Rockets are loaded and hungry, adding James would probably make them the favorites against Golden State next season, but its a weak ass move and it doesnt do anything to improve LeBrons legacy or Houston’s chemistry.  

Philly was a hot choice, being unfamiliarly celebrated daily on the social media circuits as the city enjoyed an unprecedented year of sports success. The wave thrust the young Sixers squad into the national stage as a possible landing spot for King James. With the recent chaos the front office is in with reports of Bryan Colangelos Burnergate scandal, LeBron will probably avoid entering a toxic situation or interfering with the development of his mentee Ben Simmons. 

Commissioner Adam Silver would probably block any attempt by LeBron to sign with a Golden State Dynasty that is already embarrassingly rich with talent and Hall of Famers and all-star caliber players. 

That would be the biggest sucker move of the century. 

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