HeadBlade ATX Changes The Baldy 

After shaving his head almost every day since 1992, Todd Greene felt that fellow headshavers could benefit from an ergonomically-designed handle that would fit standard razor cartridges. At first glance, the HeadBlade resembles a bright-colored toy tractor that a young boy most likely played with during his childhood, but the HeadBlade is definitely a grown, headshaving man's necessity.

"Released in 2012, the HeadBlade ATX provides the fastest and most efficient shaving experience for not only the head, but the face, body, and legs as well. It's HeadBlade's most innovative design to date, but still based on the original HeadBlade, one of TIME Magazine's Ten Best Designs of 2000 and a prototype that resides in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for its beautiful integration of form and function."

HeadBlade's mission is simple: to make headshaving easy. According to their website, the HeadBlade was designed with three principles in mind:

  • -The user had to be able to shave by feel (meaning the razor has to sit close to the head and the user be able to touch the head with fingers while shaving).
  • -The razor needed two contact points to create a 'suspension' allowing the blade to automatically pivot.
  • -The razor had to be compatible with current razors sold in most retailers (as many users have a blade preference).


The HeadBlade has successfully covered what each baldy-bearing man needs, with the added convenience of its compatibility with current razors sold in stores today. That means, men do not need to toss out their package of the razors sitting in their cabinet and they will not be confined to buying a razor that does not give them the same closeness or feel of their favorite razor brand. Not only does the HeadBlade conveniently fit most razor cartridges sold in stores, the average retail price for a HeadBlade runs about $15.00, making it extremely afforadable for every headshaving man. The HeadBlade also offers a variety of their own blades and a selection of shaving creams, head scrubs, after-shaves and more.

Check out the commercial below.


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