‘He Really Wants His MVP Trophy Bad’ | NBA Analyst Marc Spears Talks Steph Curry’s Virtuoso Game 4 Performance

At risk of going down 3-1 in the NBA Finals, and with their season pretty much hanging in the proverbial balance, Steph Curry produced a signature performance and his Golden State teammateS summoned up some real intestinal fortitude and evened the series (2-2) with the Boston Celtics.

Following the huge win, there was no shortage of shoutouts about Curry and his 43-point, 10-rebound masterpiece. One of those singing the his praises was NBA analyst Marc Spears, who alluded to Curry’s demeanor and focus during the first quarter.

The normally quiet and detained Curry showed some real emotion in the opening frame after hitting back-to-back contested step back threes.

“I seen a lot of his games, he doesn’t get emotional in the first quarter,” Spears said. “That’s the fourth-quarter stuff that he does, not the first quarter. This dude in the first quarter, screaming at fans, yelling at the fans, but that’s not him. And that’s when I knew he was going to have a special night.”

 Spears also agreed that this was a notable performance in Curry’s legendary career, which is full of magical moments.


However, the only knock on Curry, according to some talking heads, has been a lack of those memorable shots in the playoffs. Curry’s ability to blend into a team system and do what is necessary for a win is not something that social media idol worshippers want to see.

 “In terms of the finals, I can’t really think of a notable game. There have been great games but nothing Jordan-esque, LeBron-esque, Bird-Essie, this was it. This was that special game,” Spears said. 

 “Boston I think had the opportunity to really lock the series down tonight, but I think Steph senses the moment, senses the time, senses that the window perhaps is closing and this could be his last opportunity to get that MVP.

 “He won’t say it, but I can sense that he really wants his MVP trophy bad because that’s the only thing that’s missing in that trophy case. That shuts up the haters, and that shuts up his fans who keep crying about it and whining at the reporters who voted for different people.” 

Curry undoubtedly has been the best player in the series, even with the Celtics throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him defensively. He’s averaging a smooth 34 points, 6 assists and 4 rebounds on shooting splits of 50/49/85.



Curry Says He’s Not Focused On MVP

The all-time three-point king just keeps making history. On Friday he hit 7-of-14 from deep after starting 2-of-8. By doing so, he became the first player in NBA Finals history to make at least five threes in four consecutive games. Just another one of his long-distance records that probably won’t be broken.



Curry’s been so good some believe he could win Finals MVP even if the Warriors end up losing the series. If so, he’d join Jerry “The Logo” West, who did it in 1969, for the Lakers. 


But Curry isn’t thinking like that; he’s looking for that fourth NBA championship.

Late Game 3 Injury Scare Had GS Fans Nervous

When Al Horford fell on Curry’s tender ankles toward the end of Game 3 as the Warriors went after a loose ball, many wondered if Curry would be able to play Game 4. He suffered the same sort of injury in March when Horford’s teammate and reigning DPOY Marcus Smart fell on his foot/ankle during a regular season matchup.

Following an MRI, it was announced that this one wasn’t as bad and Curry was good to go. He thanked God for it in his postgame presser.

 “I personally just thank God that I avoided significant injury so that I could play, first and foremost,” Curry said. “And then for us to come out and do what we did and go home, that five-and-a-half hour flight got a little better after tonight.”

Best of 3, with two games as Chase Center in the Bay gives the Dubs a great opportunity to capture its fourth Larry O’Brien trophy in eight seasons.

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