Has Deion Sanders Cut Tracey Edmonds To Add Young IG Model To His Roster?

Amid the recent breakup of Colorado head football coach Deion Sanders and entertainment producer Tracey Edmonds, it seems that Coach Prime might have left Edmonds for a younger Instagram model.

Coach Prime might have left longtime fiancée Tracey Edmonds for a younger Instagram model.

According to reports, Sanders is linked to Qiana Aviles, a self-proclaimed entrepreneur with over 223,000 followers on Instagram.

What’s The Connection Between Prime and Aviles?

It is unclear how Prime and Aviles know each other or got acquainted. But Prime’s longtime business partner and manager, Constance Schwartz-Morini, follows Aviles on Instagram.

Prime and Edmonds put out a joint statement with news of the breakup.

“We have mutually decided that it is best for us to move forward in life AS FRIENDS and have made this decision with love in our hearts, respect for each other, and appreciation for the time we’ve shared together,” Edmonds wrote in a post on Instagram.

“Please keep us in your prayers as we go through this transition. Thank you for being there for us ALL THESE YEARS! We love you and appreciate you SO MUCH! 🙏🏽❤️”

The two were engaged and together for 11 years. It seemed that maybe the relationship just ran its course but they were committed to being friends.

Then the rumors about Prime and Aviles began to spread and Edmonds took a different tone.

“I want to clarify that it was my decision to end the relationship, despite any different narratives being presented,” Edmonds posted on Instagram. “I’ve chosen to prioritize myself and my family, moving forward towards a future where I am valued, treated with honesty, and free to embrace the happiness and respect I deserve.”

 That doesn’t sound like a mutual decision made with “love in our hearts.”

Maybe Prime was stepping out on Edmonds and he broke it off before she found out. Or maybe she did find out and wanted to save face. Who knows.

Hopefully, they both find the happiness or whatever they are looking for.

On The Field

As far as on the field Prime’s hot 3-0 start including a road upset of TCU faltered down the stretch. The Buffaloes finished the season 4-8, with a 1-8 record in the Pac-12.

Now that the Pac-12 is essentially finished as a league, Colorado will be heading to the Big 12 next season.

The Buffaloes’ offense finished 80th in the FBS and ninth in the Pac-12 with 363.6 yards per game while scoring 28.2 points a game, good enough for 59th in the country (eighth in the Pac-12).

The offense received a boost in the form of early signings with four-star wide receiver Dre’lon Miller and five-star offensive tackle Jordan Seaton committing over the weekend.

Prime and his staff will need to bolster their team on the recruiting trail, as four top-100 players de-committed from the program since November.

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