James Harden Stress Eating Because He Can’t Get His Trade To The Clippers?

James Harden is trying his hardest to force and facilitate his trade to the Los Angeles Clippers.

After the recent string of events surrounding him, it’s almost guaranteed he’s doing everything he can to force the Sixers’ hand in dealing him.

The 10-time all-star has already requested a trade from the Sixers and made it unequivocally clear that he wants to play for the Clippers.

James Harden Going Hard To Force Trade

Harden has scrubbed his social media of everything Sixers related, making it known that he no longer associates himself with Philadelphia. On top of that, his MVP teammate Joel Embiid recently got married a few days ago and featured some of his teammates, old and new, at the wedding.

While it is unclear whether Harden actually received a wedding invitation, he was not there, which is another sign that Harden isn’t even letting personal gatherings get in the way of accomplishing his trade. 

Harden Eating His Way Out Of Philly

But to top it all off, Harden was recently seen stocking up on burgers for himself. On the Trill Burgers Instagram page, legendary Houston Rapper Bun B could be seen serving up multiple burgers to Harden and teammate PJ Tucker. 

In the video, Harden nabs four burgers before he left Trill Burgers and disappeared back into the crowd.

While there’s no way to tell whether Harden planned to destroy those burgers himself or if he got them to share, social media ran with it, fat-shaming Harden, who has a reputation for letting himself go in the offseason and putting on extra weight. 

Slow News Week?

While he was dragged on social media, Harden didn’t take a liking to the jokes and the attention he was receiving for tending to his appetite. The former MVP responded to ESPN’s post of his burger indulgence, saying “Slow news week?”

Harden is acting as if the media is making a story out of nothing, but it’s odd that Harden is allowing his body to fall out of shape so close to the new season. There’s a large contingent of people who believe all of this is intentional. A ploy by Harden trying to make himself a less attractive asset to the Sixers, who would rather keep him one more season than trade him.

But an overweight Harden who doesn’t want to play for Philly or even be around some of his teammates would make trading him an easier decision for the front office. 

This would also make Harden’s value drop, which would allow the Clippers to probably offer less in a trade, though Daryl Morey already stated they would only trade Harden if they got back another player that kept them in championship contention. 

Who knew that these burgers would only add more flavor to the beef?

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