GuWop In the Trash Can, Gucci Do The Dishes

I'm guessing Gucci Mane got up this morning, put the pounds in the kitchen and smoked a blunt with his OJ. It's a beautiful day in Atlanta. After a deep breath/puff, Gucci finally felt inspired to change his name. It's a thought he's kicked around his head for a while. Today, everything made sense. Today was finally the day.

Unfortunately, GuWop's high faded — fast. Just thirty minutes later, his buzz was killed. Paranoia set in. What have I done? He quickly decided to switch his name back to Gucci. 

Who knows what actually happened in that thirty-minute span. There were quite a few anti-GuWop tweets from fans, but it's also possible an A&R saw this, laughed, realized it wasn't actually a joke and set Gucci straight.

What's clear though, is that Gucci has been floating this around for a while. Here's a tweet Wiz sent out — meaning an "Aye, bruh, whachu think about my new name?" type of conversation took place (how I envy the fly on that wall) after the two recorded a track together.

He also might have shoes coming out.

But what the hell is GuWop? (Side note: Does it matter?) All we have to go on, thus far, is his song with Trinidad James "GuWop N*gga," and his track with Young Scooter, spelled slightly differently, "Big GuWap".

The lyrics give us as much of a clue as we're going to get: All these hoes tryna GuWop, n*gga.

Unfortunatley, "N*igga get shot/N*gga get popped/Big GuWap" doesn't help much either.

But before "GuWap/GuWop" made its way into songs/names, it was/still might be the name of his upcoming album which also experienced a GuWop fake name-change. 

Is Gucci going through some sort of existential crisis? It's impossible to tell, though it's clear Gucci has been confused for a minute (lifetime?). Where GuWop fits into the rest of his career, or what it means, will remain much like Gucci's lyrics: a mystery.


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