Guns And Bullet Holes: 3 White University Of Mississippi Bros Openly Disrespect Emmett Till’s Memorial

Hate is taught at home.

Image Credit: Instagram

3 white students from the University of Mississippi and “outstanding” members of the Kappa Alpha fraternity were suspended from their frat and will possibly be investigated for desecrating a civil rights landmark dedicated to the late Emmett Till.

We’ll keep this brief. Hate is taught at home. When you’re a millennial, you must be intentional to disrespect Till’s civil rights legacy with guns and bullet holes. And that involves research.

After being accused of whistling at a white woman, the then 14-year old Till was kidnapped by a white mob, was brutally beaten to death in 1955. That white woman, Carolyn Bryant admitted in 2017, that she lied about Till whistling at her. 

Till’s memorial has unfortunately been a target for attacks like this in the past.

But in a time where our government, sports, and everyday citizens, consistently go out of their way to practice casual racism, this is a vile upgrade for 2019.


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