Ground-Breaking Actress Juanita Moore Dead at 99

    It seems as though there are always a slew of beloved entertainers who pass over the holidays.  In addition to the recent death of former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-star James Avery, we now regret to inform you of the death of Oscar-nominated actress Juanita Moore

    The 99-year-old actress reportedly collapsed and died at her home in Los Angeles yesterday.  Moore was the fifth African American performer to be nominated for an Oscar after receiving a nod for her role as Annie Johnson in the Douglas Sirk film Imitation of Life.  The 1959 film tells the story of a white actress’ rise to fame, her friendship with Moore’s character and the difficulties they both faced as single mothers.

    Susan Kohner, who played Moore’s adult daughter who was trying to pass for white in the film, recalled her friendship with Juanita during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

    "I did keep in touch with her over the years and I would speak to her every year on her birthday, so I last spoke to her Oct. 19," Kohner said. "I had promised to visit her this time when I came out to visit my family, and I guess the timing was just off."

    "We were very fond of each other," she continues. "We sort of completed each other's performances. I think she completed mine and I completed hers. It was a lovely experience for me. She was a very, very good actress and a lovely human being and had a wonderful sense of humor."