Gregg Popovich Wants To Shoot His Shot With LeBron James

 Stephen A. Smith announced last week that LeBron would meet with seven NBA teams during his “Decision 3” free agency sweepstakes. 

Stephen A Smith on Twitter

These are the 7 teams in the mix for LeBron James.

Reports say San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich who has been overseeing a sinking ship in San Antonio with the future of Kawhi Leonard up in the air, will likely try to insert himself into the LeBron James sweepstakes this summer and get a meeting. 

Pop’s hoping he can pull off a miracle. So is Spurs point guard Dejounte Murray who shared a photo of James in a Spurs jersey following the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 108-85 season-ending defeat to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals:

Dejounte Murray on Twitter

The race for the King is on and popping and the LeBron James inspired social media moshpit will be churning at a record pace all summer. On ESPNs First Take, Max Kellerman expressed his support for the state of Texas and San Antonio as the next destination for King James. 

Kellerman says San Antonio is the perfect destination because LeBron, the greatest player of his generation has never gotten a chance to play for the greatest coach of his generation.  

 There’s no better coach and organization than Gregg Popovich and San Antonio Spurs, Kellerman said …If Kawhi is healthy, LeBron would have his Scottie Pippen. 

Max totally ignored the fact that theres a chance that Kawhi wont even be on the Spurs come next season in light of the drama and tension thats developed between the two sides since Kawhi refused to suit up for the playoffs, which was the first sign of a rapidly deteriorating situation between Pops franchise player and the impeccable Spurs franchise.  

LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard gives him the best chance to be happy and play in a  system… and answers every single question (about his deficiencies) and results in more championships,” Kellerman added, still failing to face the reality of the situation.

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Report: Gregg Popovich wants to sit down with LeBron James, pitch Spurs

Pop and LeBron have a very close relationship and they respect each other to the fullest, but the situation with Kawhi is undoubtedly a red flag for any free agent the Spurs may want to pursue. LeBron is not going to any organization that has warts in its executive offices, so that eliminates Philly as well in my opinion.  

Pop deserves the respect he gets around the basketball world, but his greatness, his stance on social issues isn’t enough to overcome the uncertainty of Kawhis future which automatically paralyzes the Spurs when it comes to getting a free agent of LeBrons ilk with LeBrons singular goal of defeating Golden State to trust their process. Their own franchise player doesnt trust them anymore. Thats just not a good look. 

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