Greg Hardy rap video surfaces at the worst possible time

One year removed from a season long suspension for domestic violence charges, Dallas Cowboys Greg Hardy has returned to the NFL and has proceeded to behave in a manner that has further disgusted TV personalities, writers and fans.

Hardy returned to the Cowboys this week, after serving a four game suspension for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and throwing her on a pile of guns, and has not demonstrated any remorse for his actions or understanding of the magnitude of charges filed against him last year.

In his first interview with reporters since his return, the defensive end used an inexcusably horrific choice of words, inappropriate comments about Tom Bradys wife and now an ill-timed rap video addressing his haters

The NFL has recently responded to Hardys recent controversy, but will not punish him. Hardy narrowly escaped a long suspension from the NFL due to his ex-girlfriends refusal to show up to trial. One thing is for certain, if he is involved any other serious controversy, the NFL will not miss the opportunity to levy a hefty penalty.     

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