Green’s Unknown Groin Injury Reveals Hard Truth About Team Loyalty

Former Spurs star Kawhi Leonard didnt trust the organization, so he shutdown the show and made a power move out of town. Danny Green trusted the brass and then and got screwed. 

According to Bleacher Report, Green unknowingly played with a torn groin last season, an injury that went undetected by Spurs medical staff. 

Bleacher Report NBA on Twitter

Danny Green unknowingly played with a torn groin last season, went undetected by Spurs medical staff

BR says, Green revealed on his Inside the Green Room with Danny Green
podcast that while he knew he strained his groin in an early December game against the Boston Celtics, it wasn’t until his exit physical at the end of the season that he found out he suffered a tear.

He does not know how long he played with the tear or if it occurred at a different time than the strain.

Green’s agent suggested he get a second opinion right away, but the guard trusted the San Antonio Spurs’ medical staff, citing how well they had treated him in the past. Besides, Green still picked up his $10 million player option for 2018-19 so hes not going to be too angry with the Spurs, but the 31-year-old’s revelation doesnt make the Spurs look good at all and the organizations reputation as a players paradise  — AKA The House of Popovich — takes another hit. 

I can see Kawhi, shaking his head from the great north, looking down upon at Green, saying I told you so.

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Kawhi after seeing that Danny Green story

I can also envision DeMar DeRozan in Texas like, I told yall aint no love here.

Bleacher Report on Twitter

DeMar DeRozan says he was kept in the dark by Masai Ujiri before trade: “I felt like I wasn’t treated…with the respect that I thought I deserved.”

Leonard was cautious and committed to making sure he didnt risk further injury. People criticized him for that. Green supported Kawhis decision on the podcast and said nobody should blame Leonard for seeking a second opinion on his quad injury.

Leonard suffered some public and team backlash because of his decision not to play as his team battled for the playoffs. 

The Spurs organization feels that the All-Star added insult to injury when he sought a second opinion from doctors outside of the camp. Tensions were already high and it was common knowledge on the NBA streets that Leonard and San Antonio had some kind of beef. 

No one could pinpoint exactly what it was or what it stemmed from, but it certainly involved the diagnosis, treatment and medical approach by the organization concerning Kawhis injury.  

The Spurs insisted that their team doctors gave Kawhi a clean bill of health and he should return to the court, which led to team meetings, Spurs legends publicly criticizing Leonard, and the great communicator Popovich failing to get through. This ultimately resulted in Leonard forcing a blockbuster trade. The Spurs unload him and popular 3-point marksman Green to the Raptors in exchange for All-Star DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl and a 2019 protected first-round pick.

Green gutted through a variety physical setbacks (groin, finger, and face) last season, but still managed to play 70 games. However, his stats took a hit as his field-goal percentage (38.7), three-point percentage (36.3) and free-throw percentage (76.9) all dropped.

Green risked his health for the team and his numbers suffered for it. How did the Spurs reward him?

They traded him.  

Danny Green on Twitter

SAN ANTONIO….Can’t express the LOVE I have for you, the city, the fans & the organization. I want to thank you all for allowing me to be a part of something AMAZING for so many years. I…

The Spurs will tell you it was just sound business to trade off a 30-year-old approaching his 10th NBA season with a body that appears to be breaking down. Leonard will be sure to tell us the same thing about him forcing his way out of San Antonio.Leonard had some cautions about returning too quickly after coming off two injuries. One more major blow and he could have ended up like Isaiah Thomas or Boogie Cousins — a former star who was on the verge of securing a max deal, got seriously injured and is now scrounging for takers at bottom basement prices. 

So we must all excuse Leonard for how he orchestrated his exit out of San Antonio. Sure, he could have been a bit more transparent and vocal with his intentions and his gripes, but at the end of the day he was being a smart businessman and if you put your emotional fandom aside, it makes total sense. Just ask Danny Green. 

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