Grantland Drops Ali: The Mission

Grantland and ESPN Films have come together to expand the pouplar 30 for 30 series with 30 for 30 Shorts. And the latest film in the collaboration is Ali: The MissionThe short film is a riveting story narrated by John Legend. The Amani Martin directed movie tells a little-known story of Muhammad Ali being part of a group that rescued 15 hostages from Iraq in 1990. Ali was already known as a great humanitarian but going into the Middle East and leading a charge to bring American citizens to safety is on another level.

Saddam Hussein captured hundreds of people and used them as human shields. Eventually, Hussein released only the women and children while the men remained as prisoners. That's where Ali steps in.

Former hostages give their accounts as they tell the story of Ali negotiating their safe release. Ali was very brave his entire life and we now hear just how brave he truly is. 

30 for 30 has been on a fantastic run telling stories we've haven't heard or more about athletes we already love. They've done that and more with this great story about one of the greatest boxers and heroes of our time. 

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