Gordon Hayward Pump Fakes Nike, Signs With Anta

Gordon Hayward is anxious to hit the hardwood again after experiencing the worst injury of his career. The 28-year-old All-Star missed all of 2017-18 and now that he’s recovered from the leg and ankle injuries, he can start earning that mega free-agent contract he signed with the Celtics last summer. 

Fortunately, the market for a white NBA superstar is through the roof. So while Gordon hasnt even played a regular season game,  just being a part of the Celtics brand is making him money. If he had no NBA contract, he’d still be raking in the doe. 

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Gordon Hayward agreed to an offer sheet with Anta, according to @nickdepaula. Nike has 10 days to match the offer. Signature kicks on the way if they choose against re-signing him.

This weekend, Hayward agreed to a four-year shoe and apparel offer sheet with Anta, a Chinese company thats been in existence since 1994. 

On Saturday, A. Sherrod Blakely of NBC Sports Boston reported that Hayward was finalizing a multiyear agreement with Nike, the company Hayward has done business with most of his career. However, it was reported that New Balance and Anta also wanted to sign Hayward. 

Apparently, Anta won the bidding war and offered the most attractive package. Hayward joins Klay Thompson (signed a 10-year deal, $80 million shoe deal last year),  L.A. Lakers guard Rajon Rondo and boxer Manny Pacquiao as athletes also sponsored by Anta. Thompson’s deal was for $80 million. The bidding war between companies for the right to produce Hayward’s signature shoe and use his face for promotions could push his deal close to $100 million. 

Nike will have 10 business days to exercise the “match clause” option in their contract with Hayward. 

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