Good Morning: The Atlanta Braves Have Won 10 In A Row

The Atlanta Braves are absolutely on fire, getting it done with the glove and the pine, in large-part due to the "Soul Patrol" in the outfield and a rarely-seen display of power in Turner Field. How much? The Braves belted out five homers yesterday, hitting three in the eighth inning alone. They lead the National League by 4.5 games after beating Kansas City, 6-3.


The Boston Red Sox put together a custom jersey reminding them to stay strong for Boston, and went on to beat the Indians 7-2. Meanwhile, the Yankees played "Sweet Caroline" in honor of the victims in Boston.


Bud Selig and MLB don't want Carl Crawford to wear his custom-made Jackie Robinson cleats again.


Check out Rick Porcello's curveball.


Are the Atlanta Hawks trying to avoid playing Miami or do they really just not give a damn? They were blown out by Toronto at home last night, 113-96.


The NHL is planning six outdoor games in 2014, with NYC tabbed for two of them.


The LA Clippers had some fun last night on their way to a 93-77 destruction of Portland.




Cam'Ron and Lil Wayne love to be diplomats. Look for this one on Funk Flex's tape, due out tomorrow.


Here's the new Superman trailer.


Wale stopped by Shade 45 to kick rhymes.




The third victim in the Boston Marathon bombing was a Chinese international student. Here are photos of the bomb used in the Boston Marathon.


The former Governor of South Carolina – Mark Sanford, currently running for an open House seat against Stephen Colbert's sister, who left office because he was having an affair in South America, but said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail – has been accused of trespassing by his ex-wife.


A police officer in Florida was fired for putting up shooting targets of people wearing hoodies. 


Though conservatives will continue to deny it or say it was worth it, an independent, bipartisan commission rules that the post-9/11 tactics authorized by the Bush administration amounted to torture.


New Zealand has approved a gay marriage bill.


The death toll from the Chinese bird flu has now reached 16.


North Korea now says they are prepared to talk, but not with the US "brandishing a nuclear stick." Yes, it's now America's fault. These guys are basically like little children. 


This is your brain on Terror.


Meet Richard DesLauriers, the man in charge of the Boston Marathon Bombing investigation.





The NYTimes investigates the world of online gun purchases, how easy it is to buy guns illegally, and what the websites are doing to try and slow it down. Except, that last bit isn't true because they're making so much money. Meanwhile, the Senate continues to drag their feet in producing a gun-control bill. 





Ghostface Killah's album dropped yesterday and released a video for "The Rise of Ghostface Killah" today.


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