Good Morning: Ryan Braun Pulled a Lance Armstrong

Ryan Braun had the gall to issue a statement admitting what everyone knew all along. At least Lance confessed on television. What a coward.

"For a long time, I was in denial," Braun said, "and convinced myself that I had not done anything wrong. … There is no excuse for any of this."

Braun, using a carefully worded written statement as the avenue for his admission to using "banned substances," said he used an anti-inflammatory cream and lozenges in 2011 that turned out to violate MLB's drug program.

"It was a huge mistake, for which I am deeply ashamed," he said, "and I compounded the situation by not admitting my mistakes immediately."

"I felt wronged and attacked. But looking back now, I was the one who was wrong," Braun said. "I am beyond embarrassed that I said what I thought I needed to say to defend my clouded vision of reality."


Brian Wilson turned down a $1 million offer to shave his beard, surely making it the most valuable beard in the world.


The Biogenesis leaker has turned the rest of the documents in his possession over to federal investigators.


Salty Pete Rose says Ichiro's hits in the Japanese League shouldn't count towards 4,000.


The New York Times chronicles "The Legend of Jadeveon Clowney."


Texas A&M Chancellor says he knows Johnny Manziel "is innocent."


Former UCLA basketball coach Ben Howland says he's ready to coach again.


RG3 was fined $10,000 for wearing an Adidas shirt during warmups, as the NFL stipulates players must wear Nike.


Check out Kobe Bryant rocking a piano.




Ben Affleck is the new Batman.


Jennifer Lopez's stalker spent six days undetected in her house. Yes, the order of these last two links was intentional.


Pusha-T announces an October release date for My Name Is My Name, the second time he's pushed the date back.


Here is the full list of nominees fo the 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar feature heavily. 


Gavin Brown Enterprises hosted an epic archiving party for Arfika Bambaataa's epic but unorganized vinyl collection, which needed to get cataloged for its merger with Cornell University's collection, to form the greatest hip-hop archive in the world. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Rich Medina were on hand to spin some of the records.


Sway dug up one hell of a Throwback Thurday yesterday, featuring Biggie Smalls.




George Zimmerman visted gun manufacturer Kel-Tec, the maker of the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin, to shake hands and inquire about a new shotgun.


A man was busted trying to smuggle eight pounds of weed from Canada by swimming with scuba gear. Good effort.


New York City overrode Michael Bloomberg's veto for an inspector general over the NYPD.





The brother of Michael Hill, the school shooter in Georgia, said he wasn't all that surprised at what happened given Michael's history. He spoke about Michael's issues, how he was discarded by the system and overprescribed medications to keep him calm.

"Everything just started changing after doctors started messing with his medicines here and there and changing it up and putting him on a different one and institutionalized him multiple times to correct his medicine," he said. "It just escalated from there."

People like his brother "need to be looked at more closely," he said. "They need to be given more help," Tim Hill said, "instead of pushed to the side because the doctor thinks they're well."

"I feel like there's just a whole lot more they could have done," he told CNN.