Jose Canseco Wasn’t Alone | Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Snitched On Other MLB Players In Attempt To Deflect From Own PED Use

Former MLB superstar Alex Rodriguez always seems to have his name at the center of controversy.

From his checkered past during his time on diamond to his relationships with former players such as former New York Yankees teammate and Baseball Hall of Famer Derek Jeter.

Then there’s A-Rod’s love life and well-publicized breakup with actress and singer Jennifer Lopez.

A-Rod Snitches On Other PED Users?

Now Rodriguez is at the core of a bombshell report. According to ESPN, in 2014 A-Rod was given what is called “Queen for a Day” status, meaning anything he told federal agents during their investigation of and with his dealings with the Biogenesis of America clinic wouldn’t be used against him in any further legal proceedings.

Under the gun and attempting to take the heat off of his personal PED use, he spilled some heavy information to investigators, the report claims. 

ESPN investigative reporter Mike Fish wrote “The Biogenesis Files,” and in it he talked about a Yankees source telling him about A-Rod’s attempt to save face while throwing dirt on others.

“He basically did everything he could to distract from his own behavior. I mean Alex is a complicated person. He had a lot of layers to him, and I think he’s remorseful, but he did some bad things to a lot of people.”

Rodriguez Throws Former Players Under The Bus

Just as he did with the aforementioned Jeter, according to the report Rodriguez was quick to throw former Boston Red Sox star and two-time World Series champion Manny Ramirez under the bus.

He didn’t stop there, according to the report, also mentioning former longtime Milwaukee Brewers star and 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun as one of the other culprits. Braun was caught red-handed by a PED test and trying to tamper with the results of the test, so anything said about Braun simply confirms what we all know.

The report also mentions there was another All-Star player’s name put in the atmosphere, but per the article written by Mike Fish, he “never tested positive for any PED use, was never interviewed by authorities, and was never suspended by MLB.”

A-Rod Picks Up The Pieces 

Knowing he’ll probably never sniff Cooperstown, Rodriguez is still very much involved in the game. He’s been an analyst on ESPN since 2018. He and Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay have the “KayRod Cast” on ESPN 2, which just finished season 2. 

He’ll now shift gears to provide coverage for the MLB Playoffs on Fox Sports beginning in October. 

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