“I’m Being F**king Catfished … FaceTimed Me Three Or Four Times Today”: Reality Star Madison LeCroy Says Alex Rodriguez Tried to Make Her A Side Chick While Engaged To Jennifer Lopez

Reality TV star Madison LeCroy has some choice words about former baseball great Alex Rodriguez, who she said had romantic plans for her that she was not on board with. During a podcast interview, LeCroy recalled her disbelief when A-Rod started DMing her on Instagram in 2020 when she didn’t know him.

Her first thought was that the internet is a wasteland, so the communication couldn’t be real.

“I’m being f**king catfished,” LeCroy said on the “Pillows and Beer” podcast. She explained to co-host Austen Kroll that she thought to herself, “There’s no way. The dude who’s dating JLo is not in my DM right now.”

Doing JLo Dirty?

Additionally, Rodriguez was reportedly engaged to entertainer Jennifer Lopez during that time, so she found it hard to believe he was pulling up for anything other than making her No. 2.

“He kept on FaceTiming you ad nauseam,” Kroll added. He and LeCroy previously dated. “You were like, ‘This mother***ker’s FaceTimed me three or four times today,’ and then he, like, got mad at Madison because she didn’t answer when she was on the boat or something. And she was like, ‘I’m not at f**king your beck and call.'”

LeCroy co-signed Kroll’s rendition of the events.

“Yeah, I told him, ‘If you’re looking for a side chick,’ which clearly he was, ‘It wasn’t gonna be me,'” LeCroy added. “I was like, ‘Hey, I know you got a lot of friends out there. I’m wifey material.’”

But the thirst was real, and the ever-vigilant A-Rod would not be denied. According to LeCroy, Rodriguez hoped that she wanted to get flown out, and he sent her multiple flight itineraries to come to visit him in Florida. However, she said she never took him up on the offers.

“During that time, I was not flying to Miami,” LeCroy continued. “People still don’t believe me. I swear to God, I’ve never, ever seen that person.”

A-Rod’s Receipts

LeCroy debuted on “Southern Charm” during season 6 in 2019 after she began a relationship with cast member Austen Kroll. During the “Southern Charm” season 7 reunion in January 2021, fellow cast member, Craig Conover alleged that LeCroy had been visiting an unnamed man in Florida.

“You were flying around the country sleeping with men, married men. Ex-MLB players,” Conover said, hinting at a potential relationship with A-Rod. “That’s what you were doing during quarantine; you flew to Miami to f**k an ex-MLB player.”

The receipts are starting to add up for Rodriguez, as this is not the first woman to claim that A-Rod tried to get with them while with Jennifer Lopez.

In 2019, British Playboy model Zoe Gregory claimed Rodriguez started texting her the day after Christmas, asking her for names of “fun girls for [him and me].”

“He was being like a dirty dog. He seemed like a needy, horny bloke,” Gregory told the Sun. “If he is doing this right up until the point he is proposing to her, it is just not fair.”

Gregory also claimed that A-Rod sent a selfie with just his manhood exposed. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez announced their split in April 2021.

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