With Friends Like Ryan Braun’s, Who Needs MLB?

Ryan Braun may finally be ready to come clean and talk about his steroid use, but his friends are singing in a court of law. Civil Court. MLB's Players Association left him hanging, Aaron Rodgers got all sensitive about Braun's betrayal and now one of the men who helped him beat a 50-game suspension in 2012, has come forth with information detailing the extent of Braun's steroid use.

According to an ESPN report, a longtime friend of Braun, Ralph Sasson, is claiming in a lawsuit that the Brewers left fielder has been on a consistent 'roid cycle since he starred at the University of Miami. His cheated extended beyond the baseball diamond as well.

Via Yahoo Sports:

ESPN reports that the friend, Ralph Sasson, also says Braun "doped through his years at the University of Miami, committed academic fraud and accepted money while a student." The college years can be so formative.

Sasson asserts that Braun and his agent, Nez Balelo, agreed to pay him $5,000 to help defend Braun by "conducting background research" on Dino Laurenzi Jr., the person who collected Braun's ill-fated urine sample. That's French for "digging up dirt" in order to injure Laurenzi's reputation. Sasson collected the money, but only after threatening to sue, which he did anyway because he charges that Braun made "defamatory statements about him to undisclosed parties."

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